Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sugar: More then Cavities

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS, Winning With Smiles

Good research is finally clarifying what has been known a long time.  In the 1970's books like “Sugar Blues” told us that sugar was the culprit in our dietary errors, not fat.  Though excess fat in the diet is likely not healthy, it is not nearly the culprit that sugar is.  After all, Eskimo and Northern American Indians lived on fat but did not suffer heart disease or diabetes until after the introduction of refined carbohydrates to their diet by Europeans. Dietary fat is not the issue.  It is refined carbohydrate; sugar.

Sugar is truly addictive, which is why it is difficult to reduce the amount in our diet as well as the reason sugar is added to nearly all our packaged and processed foods to improve our appreciation of their flavor.  Catsup is nearly 40% sugar!  Approximately 50% of the sugar we eat is Fructose.  No system in the body uses Fructose.  It is up to the liver to detoxify the Fructose in our body and change it into something useful.  At 50 grams Fructose per day the liver begins to fail.  Yes, fail.  The average American who ate 15 grams of Fructose in the 1960's is now eating 100 grams of Fructose daily.
 It is time to look at what we are eating.  Read labels.  Vitamin Water is the lowest calorie beverage you can buy in the store today; only 50 calories per 8 oz.  That translates, in grams, to a full 20 oz bottle having 33 grams of sugar.  That is more than the average American ate in an entire day in the 1960's.
 Keep your eyes on the health literature; this is a growing hot topic as degenerative disease claims more of our friends at younger ages.  Keep your eyes on the labels of packaged foods and be surprised!  Consider doing more “cooking” of real food from the vegetable, dairy and meat perimeter walls in your supermarket.  Real food.  Fresh food.

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