Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meadow Vista Kids Fishing Day sponsored by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro

Presented by Wright & McGill, Berkley, Skeet Reese, Auburn Recreation District, Meadow Vista Lions Club, Meadow Vista Community Center, California Department of Fish & Game and the Meadow Vista Merchants Association.

Submit your pictures for Pioneer Day 2011

We are looking for pictures of Pioneer Day for the June issue of the View Magazine.

Send your Pioneer Day moments to

Submission Deadline is May 6th

Pioneer day is always the first Sunday in June at the Meadow Vista Park. This year, Pioneer Day will take place on Sunday, June 5, 2011.

Meadow Vista Merchants Association Directory

AutomotiveCalifornia Dent Removal
Bret Wiedmeier
TNT Automotive
Matthew Toro
1090 Meadow Vista Rd, MV
Home Tutoring Plus, Inc.Deborah Kaplan
878-1014 (888) 368-8867
Live Oak Waldorf School
410 Crother Rd, MV
Mountain Kids Day Care Center
Karen Suddjian
16935 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Community Services
Meadow Vista
Community Center

Bruce Broadwell 878-2272
Placer Hills Fire Protection
Ian Gow, Chief 878-0405
Sierra Hills Parent Teacher Club
PO Box 379, 878-WISE Ext. 943
DentalGeneral Dentistry
Dr. Kenneth Silva D.D.S.
16985 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Implant & General Dentistry
Dr. Jason Lee D.D.S.
17121 Placer Hills Rd, MV
OrthodonticsDr. John A. Oshetski, D.D.S., M.D.S.
16814 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Scott Thompson, D.D.S.
16814 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Health & Fitness
CurvesMichelle Steinman
16950 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Healthline Breakthrough
Richard Hilliard

Hensley Chiropractic
Dr. Randall Hensley D.C.
16985 Placer Hills Rd, MV
878-1311 Fax 878-2161
Meadow Vista Pharmacy
Richard Peatman
16893 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Pam Pussich
17120 Placer Hills Rd, MV
One River Medicine &
The Confluence Tea Shop

Linnie O’Flanagan, L.Ac.
16897 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Stroller Strides
Shannon Smith
First Priority Financial Lending Services. - Toni Ryan
878-7616 (800) 929-0318
Lloyd Lawson Insurance - Farmers
Lloyd Lawson
16770 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Mavy Investment Strategies
Ben Mavy
Simplified Business & Tax Service
J.C. Harrison
16729 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Professional Services
Computer Shoppe
Greg & Robin Luther
Exwire, Inc. (Hon.)
587-4312, Foresthill 95631
PAE Designs
Ashlei Jackson - Graphic Designer
The Beda Place
Beda & Andy Foley
990 Meadow Gate Rd, MV
878-2332 Fax 878-9090

The Meadow Law Group LLC.Eric Meadow, Esq.
16981 Placer Hills Rd 1-A, MV
Business Websites & Town Resources - Cal & Toni Ryan, Adam & Ashlei Jackson
800-596-6218, 530-878-8778
Real Estate
Fred Eichenhofer
Sierra Pacific Real Estate
16898 Placer Hills Rd,
MV 878-5100
Glenda Harrison
Sierra Pacific Real Estate
16898 Placer Hills Rd, MV
878-9595 Fax 878-9596
Gold Country Realty
Arend Verweij & Hoss Bozorqzad
16770 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Christine Schlittenhart
Sierra Pacific Real Estate
16898 Placer Hills Rd, MV
878-5100 Cell 906-9738
Karen Wallace
Gold Country Realty
16770 Placer Hills Rd, MV
RestaurantsMountain Mike’s Pizza
Pinky Atwal  878-1865
16810 Placer Hills Rd, MV
Winchester Country Club
John Welch, General Manager 
3030 Legends Dr, MV
Retail Shops
MV True Value Hardware
Mark & Shelly Barbier
16760 Placer Hills Rd, MV
878-0484 Fax 878-9164
Trades/Home Services
A Jack of All Trades
Jimmy Jack SCL#852687
B&B Septic Service
878-1061 Fax 878-0817
After Hours: 885-7497
Cascade Gardens
Marc Krupin

CMG Surveying & Engineering
Clayton Guiraud PLS PE
916-705-2996 Fax 878-2502
E. Michael’s Painting
Eric Arteaga Lic.#711218
Gilwee Electric
Chris Gilwee - Lic. # 924787
878-1314 Fax 878-1776
Hilliard Paint Inc.
Richard Hilliard - Lic. #723059
Joe Mumford Plumbing & Heating Company
Joe Mumford #300529
878-2566 Fax 878-6414
Meadow Electric
Notary Public
Bob Suddjian
878-7944 Fax 878-0838
Ric’s Handyman Services
A Div. of IDM
Ric Furner G.C. Lic. 663077
Sierra Pest Control
PO Box 276, Applegate
Spoor’s Heating & AirJeff Spoor
878-4812 Fax 878-4812
The House Minders
Jeff & Tracy Eichenhofer
Placer Co. Lic #102031

Summer is Getting Close...Almost Ready to Swim in the Meadow Vista Pool?

By Michelle Myrenne Wiloughby

Once again, we have a great update on the Meadow Vista Pool! Progress on the remaining upgrades to the facility are currently fully underway. We are looking to have the county sign-off on the project in April, and be open before the end of school year. Please mark your calendars for the Grand Re-opening Party on June 11.
  We've had two community work day, and both were a great success.  Our fearless leaders, Scott Willoughby of SW Design & Build and Jason Stocks of J.R. Stocks Construction led the teams, and thanks to Etta Gross, there was plenty of pizza and refreshments for everyone for both days.  We accomplished a huge amount or demolition, and had a great time hammering, hauling, shoveling and sweeping together. An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help  so many folks went above and beyond the call of duty, and those efforts really paid off.
 The bathrooms are demolished and the old interior paneling has been removed. We will potentially also need to move the interior walls to facilitate the new ADA toilets. The most interesting piece of the project was removing the showers. Not only was it really fun to swing those hammers and finally get that project started, but Work Days MVP Gene Hinkle discovered a small piece of paper with a handwritten pencil drawing of the original plan for the area imbedded in the wall since 1955. We also discovered the most amazingly solid piece of 12”+ deep, 3:1 concrete shower pan any one had ever seen! Over three days it took 5 jackhammers, a concrete saw, and a concrete drill to get it started. Thanks to Carl Moore and his 750lb concrete breaker on a 1,500 lb Bobcat, we were able to finish the job  and the material nearly beat the machine. In the end, the pan was successfully removed and the drain pipes finally exposed. 

  Joe Mumford of Joe Mumford Plumbing and Tom Redfern of TR Plumbing are replumbing the facility, which is a big job, and installing the new ADA compliant fixtures provided by Bret McCord and Cal-Steam. An enormous THANK YOU to all of them, and also many THANKS to Bob Suddjian and Meadow Electric who are addressing and repairing other electrical issues as well as providing great new lighting for the deck and facility, and Mark Barbier and the True Value Hardware team for their donations, for their offer to repaint the facility, and their assistance throughout construction.
 Huge THANKS also to Virginia Dains and the Art 4 Pools project team helping create the amazing tile mural across the entire wall facing the pool. This enormous piece of art will incorporate hand-made tiles created by the community as well as salvaged tiles from the renovation. It will also include the names of all those who have made this project possible, both past and present. The entire mural project will happen over the next year. In the meantime, look for Virginia at our community events and come make some tiles to include in this amazing project!
 Another great way to get involved with the project is equally personal. We are looking for pictures taken at the pool throughout the years. Believe it or not, I have no historic photos of the pool, and I know that with the amount of folks who have told us about their fond memories and experiences, birthday parties, swimming lessons, etc at the pool over decades, there should be a rich archive of our community enjoying this great facility. We would like to incorporate these images into our opening day celebration, and see your memories too!
 Donations are also still being gratefully accepted. All donations will, as always, remain in our local community-held, tax-deductible account. These funds will provide much needed future upgrades including solar heating and power, and to provide scholarships to offset swim-lesson expenses for children in our community. Your support has made the difference for this project, so if you've considered making a donation to our community fund to support the pool, it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your donations at work in your community!
 Both copies of your photographs and donations can be sent to PO Box 387, Meadow Vista CA 95722, or delivered to Sierra Pacific Real Estate who have been so helpful throughout this project. Please remember to provide a return address so we may send you the tax deductible information for your records. Digital copies of photos and any questions can be sent to
 Again, THANKS TO YOU, our community, for your support, generous contributions, long hours of work, and unending faith in this project. It would not have happened without you!

Meadow Vista Town History: The Curves Building

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate - information provided by Cliff Ramos

I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Cliff Ramos for this article.  I could have spent the whole day listening to his captivating stories about Meadow Vista and his amazing life.  All the information in this article comes directly from Cliff's memory, with the help of his beautiful wife, Pat.  If any information is erroneous, we apologize and welcome comments to the contrary.
You probably weren't aware that the building which currently houses Curves housed Meadow Vista's second grocery store.  The actual acreage was the site of the original Meadow Vista Grocery Store, Post Office and Gas Station which was built between 1948-1949 .  The Glason family had originally owned the acreage and sold it to the Caples family who built the original building.  Cliff's Ramos' parents, Stanley and Amelia Hein, bought the building and business in 1950, which at that time was only the grocery store and gas station.  Their residence was in the back of the building.  Cliff bought the grocery store and gas station businesses from his parents in 1951. 
In 1952, Cliff's parents added a Post Office to the building.  On May 1st, 1952 Cliff Ramos was sworn in as Meadow Vista's first Post Master.  Customers would have to walk through the grocery store to enter the post office.  That same year Cliff asked his parents to build a feed store, which they attached to the grocery store.   Cliff and his wife Pat ran the Post Office, Feed Store, Grocery Store and Gas Station from 1951-1957.
A new grocery store was built around 1957-1958 and the Ramos' continued to run it until 1972.  Their first employee was Dana Buchanan, who worked as a clerk in the grocery store while attending Placer Hills School.  The Ramos' averaged 7 to 8 employees at a time and probably employed close to 50 locals during their ownership.  Ann Ogelsbee along with her daughters and Vesta Giacamazzi were some of the local employees.
In 1955 Cliff bought the surrounding acreage behind the building.  He dug out for parking and created an area to build a real estate office for Pat Buchanan, which is the building attached to the right of Curves next to our current Post Office.  This building currently houses Osborn Rockwalls and was built in 1959. 
The building which currently houses Ambiance Hair Salon, the Barber Shop and Time for Living Hardwood Flooring weren't attached to the grocery store.  13 feet used to separate the two buildings.  Around 1960, the post office was removed from the grocery store to the area between the two buildings. The grocery store and post office businesses were growing rapidly.  In 1967 Cliff removed the post office from this site to add extra space to the grocery store.  He then built the Post Office building which stands and operates today. The Colfax postal route used to deliver mail to Meadow Vista and Clipper Gap until 1961-1962.  Cliff took over the Meadow Vista rural route around 1962 and Claire Porter was the first postal carrier and Vesta Giacamazzi was her sub.  When Claire retired, Vesta became the postal carrier and when Vesta retired Jim Riboni took over. 
In 1972, Cliff left his many duties in Meadow Vista and took over the job of Nevada City Post Master.  Bea Kirkham then became Post Master of Meadow Vista.  Between 1973-74 Cliff and his wife sold the grocery business to Floyd Deal.  This business sold several times, with Jim Walsh being the last grocery store owner in that location.  A new grocery store was later built where our current Holiday Market resides.
In the 1980's, the building became True Value Hardware.  Mark and Shelly Barbier bought the business in 1992.  They remained in that location until 2003 before moving to their current location.  Curves took over the building in August 2003 and remains today. 

Recipe: Christine's Honey Glazed Ham

From Christine Schlittenhart's Kitchen

5 to 8 pounds of
Ready-to-eat ham
(I prefer a spiraled ham)
¼ tsp. ground cloves
¼ cup brown sugar
1 cup of honey
2/3 cup butter
Disposable pan or foil lined pan (I use a dutch oven)
* Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
* Score ham. Place ham in foil lined pan or disposable pan.
* In the top half of a double boiler, heat the cloves, brown sugar, honey and butter.
Keep glaze warm while baking ham.
* Brush glaze over ham and bake 1 hour and 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Baste
ham every 10 to 15 minutes with the honey glaze. (Make sure you have a newer
basting brush). During the last 4 to 5 minutes of baking, turn on broiler to caramelize
the glaze. Remove from oven and let sit a few minutes before serving.
You'll never need to pay the high prices of a Honey Baked Ham again. I prefer this recipe!

"Opti-Mom" Health Tips

By Shannon Smith, Stroller Strides

Moms everywhere tend to put themselves on the bottom of the priority list. They are so busy taking care of their families, their homes, their work, and the family dog that their own self care is neglected, to say the least. Well, it's time that Mom puts herself on the top of that list! Let's face it, if Mom doesn't take care of herself, how is she supposed to take care of everyone else? If that's not convincing enough to deserve attention, consider this: What Mom won't do for herself, she will do for her children. Mom must be a role model if her children are to know how to embrace health and wellness. These three easy steps will get Mom moving in the right direction.
    The first step to setting a good example is healthy eating. With the arrival of Spring a larger variety of fruits and vegetables become available. Eating a rainbow of fresh foods is the healthy way to eat! Different colors offer different nutrients. Children will model a mother who eats with health in mind; this benefits both Mom and child.
    The second step to being a good role model is exercise. Exercise doesn't come naturally to most. Taking the time for physical activity revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. If Mom sets the tone in the family that exercise is important, the children will follow along.
    The third step to being a leader worth following is peaceful living. Taking the time to rest and relax is as important as accomplishing work. All work and no play makes Mom a dull woman! Mom needs a time-out regularly in order to recharge her own battery. This is as simple as a soak in a hot tub, a quiet walk around the block, or an afternoon nap.
    When children see Mom choosing to eat healthy foods, taking time to exercise, and practicing a bit of peaceful living, they learn better habits for themselves.  Encouraging opti-MOM health is the greatest gift for Mother's Day!

Disaster Preparedness & Pets

By Dr. Pam Pussich, Meadow Vista Veterinary Clinic

Nobody likes to think about disasters, but a little bit of thought ahead of time can save your pet's life.  Being prepared for a disaster can give you a direction to go during a time of chaos and ultimately may save precious moments, which can save yours and your pet's life.  The following will give you some guidelines for what to do before, during and after a disaster.
 Making a plan and practicing a plan is always the first step in being prepared.  The whole family should be involved so everybody knows what should happen.  If you have a trusted neighbor getting them involved is also a good idea in case you are not home at the time of a disaster. 
 Identification is critical during disasters.  Whether your pets stay confined at home or are transported to a local pet emergency shelter, you need to make sure you can identify your pets to verify ownership.  Dogs and cats should have collars or harnesses with name tags that have current information and rabies tags if applicable.  Horses can have name tags or name plates placed on their halters.  Dogs, cats, horses and some reptiles can and should be microchipped.  Microchips are permanent, traceable forms of i.d. that can never be lost and are fairly inexpensive.  Keep a current photo of all your pets in your disaster preparedness kit.
 Organizing transportation is also very important and if your animals aren't loaded/transported on a regular basis, practice! 
 A disaster preparedness kit is critical for keeping your pets safe during and after a disaster.  For all pets it should include:
 • Your veterinarian's information
 • Food and water for 2 weeks (for large animals a minimum of 3 days)
 • Medications and dosing instructions
 • Food and water bowls or buckets
 • Vaccination and medical records with a current picture
 • First aid items (i.e. bandage material, antibiotic ointment, leg wraps for horses, eye ointment, and banamine for large animals)
 • Cat litter and litter box
 • Extra towels, blankets, ropes and grooming equipment
 • Wire cutters
 • Portable radio with extra batteries
 • Toys
 • Plastic bags for garbage
 During an emergency evacuate your animals early if possible and take your emergency disaster kit.  If you can not bring your animals with you, leave them inside in a room with no windows.  Leave out dry food only and plenty of fresh water in a non-spill container.  You can also fill bath tubs and sinks with water if you don't have a non-spill container.  Do not rely on automatic waterers for large animals as the power may go out.  Window stickers are now available to place in the front window of your house.  They are a very simple way to notify emergency personnel if you have animals in your house, where they are located, what kind and how many pets you have. 
 Doing all of these things will save you precious time and allow you to feel a little bit more in control when things are chaotic.  Microchipping is the most permanent way to identify your pets and is good not only in emergencies but also if your pet ever gets lost.  Disaster preparedness is hard to get motivated to do, but it can really make a difference.  Get prepared!

Meadow Vista Community Service Award Nominations Wanted

Submitted by Brenda Starbird

Meadow Vista MAC - 2011 Community Service Award
Nominations are now being accepted for the 15th Annual Award.
Guidelines for selection of recipients include the following:
• Service to the community has been diversified
• Service has been outside of and beyond the nominee's employment or business activities
• Service has been over a number of years
• Nominee has shown a deep concern for the well being of others
• Nominee has been an inspiration to others
If you know someone who fits these guidelines, please pick up a nomination form at a local merchant and mail it to:
Gil Jaramillo
P.O. Box 507
Meadow Vista, Ca 95722
Nominations forms must be received no later than Monday, April 25, 2011.
Call Gil at 878-2310 with questions.

Nomination forms are available from local merchants or online at 
Call Gil Jaramillo at
with any questions.

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Home's Sales Price by Spring

By Glenda Harrison, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

Spring is in the air!!  Are you contemplating selling your home?  Is your home listed but you aren't getting offers?  Get your home ready for the Spring buying season with these 7 easy tips:
1.  Retouch the Front Shell - Touching up the paint on the front-entry portion of the house can be an inexpensive but effective way to make the entire property more inviting.  You would be amazed by the amount of people that drive by a house and say, “Ah, that's not for me.”  Buyers tend to judge the interior of a home by the exterior.
2.  Trim the Greenery - Ensuring that your property's landscaping is well maintained helps make your home more alluring to prospective buyers as well. Property owners can hire professional landscapers or break out the lawn mower and get busy themselves.  Trim the trees, trim the hedges and add a little color to the flower beds.
3.  Paint the Interior - Putting a fresh coat of paint on the home's interior is a cost-effective way for sellers to make their home more appealing to buyers, but when choosing the color, homeowners should be conservative.  The caution is that your favorite color may not be the favorite color of the buyer.

4.  Don't Forget the Floors - Improving the condition of a home's flooring is also a smart move for sellersand you don't need to refinish wood floors or install new carpets to make them more attractive.  Re-buff the hardwood floors and/or have the carpets and tile cleaned.

5.  New Light Fixtures - Replacing old or broken light fixtures with new ones can also be a low-cost way to add value.  Installing a nice new light fixture in the foyer near the home's entrance can be a particular benefit.
6.  Freshen Up the Bathrooms
Getting rid of mildew stains on the bathroom caulking can boost a home's appeal as well.  Such stains scream, 'These people haven't taken care of this house.  It's going to be a money pit.”  Use a razor blade to remove the old caulk, and replace it with new, mildew-resistant caulk.
7.  New Stove in the Kitchen - While some homeowners might think the only way to jazz up a dated kitchen is a full-on remodeling job, a much less costly alternative is buying a new stove.  If there is an updated stove in the kitchen, it is amazing how that draws people in!
Be sure to contact a local Merchant Realtor with all your Realtor needs and questions.

Meadow Vista Community Calendar

14 Merchants Meeting 6:30pm Back Room
  Mountain Mikes Pizza
17 Palm Sunday
22 Earth Day/Good Friday
23 Lion’s Club Easter Egg Hunt
24 Easter
25 Deadline for the MV Community Service Nominations

6 View Magazine submission deadline
8 Mother’s Day
 Lions Club Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast
12 Merchants Meeting 6:30pm Back Room
  Mountain Mikes Pizza
14 Hensley Chiropractic Patient Appreciation Day
21 Kids Fishing Derby at the MV Park - See back cover
30 Memorial Day

5 Pioneer Day
9 Merchants Meeting 6:30pm Back Room
  Mountain Mikes Pizza
19 Father’s Day

Is there still 100% financing available to buy a home?

By Toni Ryan, First Priortity Financial

The answer is yes!  The Department of Agriculture, known as the USDA, has home loan programs for the purchase and development in rural areas.  Much of the property in Placer County, from Loomis east to the state line qualifies for this type of financing.
 Rural housing Direct Development Loans are directly funded by the government. This loan program is commonly referred to as Section 502 Loans. This is 100% financing and although the program comes with a 3.5% funding fee, this can be added to the base of the loan amount so no down payment is required.  There is no monthly mortgage insurance premium added to the payment which keeps the monthly cost lower than FHA financing. The term is usually 30 years. Rates are comparable to conventional financing and loans are approved with the borrowers' percentage of total debt to income of 42%.  The house payment consisting of principle, interest, taxes and insurance should be no more than 31% of the borrowers' total income.
 Funds can also be used to build, repair, renovate or relocate a home or to purchase and prepare sites, including providing water and sewage facilities. Homes must be of modest size, cost and design and meet national building codes.  Manufactured housing must be on permanent foundations.
 It is important to note that there are income limits to this program because it is designed to help low income families attain home ownership.  Mortgage payments are based upon the family's adjusted gross income.  The maximum for a family of four in Placer County is $84,100 and the minimum credit score needed to qualify is 640. 
 Use this valuable program to attain your dream of home ownership. For more information, check out:

Meadow Vista Area Lions Club Upcoming Events

EASTER EGG HUNTER  SATURDAY APRIL 23, 2011 - This year's Meadow Vista Lions Easter Egg Hunt for toddlers to 10 years of age will be held on Saturday, April 23, 2011 at Placer Hills Campus soccer field.  Starting time is 10:00 a.m. SHARP!   Please have your children in the area by 9:55 a.m. since by 10:05 the Easter Egg Hunt is winding down!  Any questions, please contact Lion Etta at 637-5359.

MOTHER'S DAY BREAKFAST - Meadow Vista Lions Mother's Day Pancake Breakfast is Sunday, May 8, 2011 at Sierra Hills School Auditorium (16505 Placer Hills Road).  Breakfast will be served from 8 to 11 a.m.  The cooks will be Auburn Jeep Club.  Remember all Moms' Breakfast are FREE!

Nominate a Meadow Vista Tree

Judy Spies has nominated the tree below which has a trunk measuring almost 6 feet! Thanks Judy! Nominate a Meadow Vista Tree to be a landmark of Meadow Vista. We’re looking to feature these special trees in our issues of the View. Send a picture of your Meadow Vista Tree to: for consideration.

Girl Talk Thanks the Meadow Vista Community for Donations

Pictured are members of Girl Talk, a non-denomination girls youth group affiliated with The Gold Country Community Parish. We meet at The Placer Hills United Methodist Church of M.V. Twenty-five girls and moms participated in a scavenger hunt where they collected tons of canned food items, blankets and other items which were donated to The Interfaith Food Closet of Auburn where they will be distributed to those in need. For more information about Girl Talk call Miss Diane at 878-1602 or

Special Thanks to Our Advertisers!

The View is published for the people living in Meadow Vista and the surrounding area. It is published bi-monthly by the Meadow Vista Merchants Association, an affiliate of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.
If you have a suggestion, comment, article, or picture you want to submit, please contact the Merchants Association at
Or mail to: MVMA
PO Box 933
 Meadow Vista, CA 95722
The Meadow Vista Merchants Association meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm @ Mountain Mikes Pizza. Everyone is Welcome!
Join the Merchants! Advertise in the View!
Shop Local!

Stress or Anxiety?

By Tonya Elliott-Walker, LMFT

People often refer themselves as feeling stressed out when their lives get busy and hectic and they can't seem to get a breather. People put a lot of time, energy and money into manage their stress in the form of gym memberships, massages, eating out or an occasional glass of wine to take the edge off.  But what do you do when these things aren't helping anymore and you have tried everything you know and you still feel stressed out? It may be time to begin examining lifestyle patterns that have led to chronic long term stress or perhaps even an anxiety disorder.
 Anxiety can be genetic biochemical imbalance, it can be caused by long term chronic stress or trauma where the body has exhausted all of the stress hormones that typically allow us to recover and return to a normal level of relaxation. It can also be caused by chronic negative thinking or any combination of the above. Severe anxiety can lead to panic attacks, irritability, tumultuous relationships and wreak havoc on the physical body.
 One type of treatment for anxiety consists of identifying the things that trigger a stress response and then making a conscious choice to change the way you think and feel about that trigger. Over time this can prevent the rush of stress hormones that usually happens after the trigger.  We call this type of treatment cognitive restructuring, or challenging negative beliefs.  The long term benefits range from experiencing more positive relationships to having health benefits such as lower blood pressure and an overall sense of well being.

Protecting Your Personal Data on Discarded Computers

By Greg Luther, Computer Shoppe

When you have an old computer that you no longer have a use for, what is the best way to dispose of it?  Of course, that depends on your situation, and how you used your computer.  If you have not had any personal data on the computer, you can take the computer to a refuse station like the one on Combie Road in Meadow Vista where most items are accepted free of charge.  Here is the link to their site:
Http://  You can also donate your computers to Goodwill in Auburn and get a receipt for a tax deduction.  But most of us have personal data on our computers, and if you dispose of or donate your computer, your personal data -- even if it has been deleted -- can still be retrieved.  So, what are your options?  One easy way to protect you personal data is to remove the hard drive before you dispose of your computer.  This is something that you can do yourself with a little research on the Internet.  Another way is to use specialized software that overwrites the hard drive multiple times which makes your personal data very difficult to retrieve.  It's the electronic way of shredding confidential documents and personal information.  Here is the link to a software program that can erase your personal data, and the best part, the software is free:  So, the next time you scrap that old computer, remember to protect your personal data.

Ask A Merchant: Why Did You Move to Meadow Vista??

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

Shannon Smith, Resident and Owner of Stroller Strides
When did you move to Meadow Vista?  2005
What brought you to Meadow Vista? Family oriented small town. Love the park!
Please share an experience that demonstrates why you love Meadow Vista: As a mother of six, I love having the beautiful park so close to home. We've exercised there, played there, homeschooled there, played baseball, basketball and tennis there, picniced there, explored the pond there, and fed the geese. We really enjoy the beauty and atmosphere.
Do you ever see yourself leaving Meadow Vista?  No, this is the perfect place to raise a family!

Scott Thompson, Resident and Owner of Winning With Smiles, Pediatric Dentistry
When did you move to Meadow Vista?  I first visited Meadow Vista in 2000.  After visiting many areas in the high foothills, I rented in Meadow Vista for 1 year in 2002. I purchased my home in Meadow Vista in 2003.
What brought you to Meadow Vista?  I grew up in Montana and love the outdoors and the mountains. The Pacific Coast is certainly beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy visiting it, but my heart prefers the mountains for living.  When I found myself tied by family and profession to California, I took an opportunity to move to the mountains. Two years of searching different locations brought me to Meadow Vista.  This town is off the beaten track, quiet with plenty of space, close to the snow, the river and a climate that sees 4 seasons.
Please share an experience that demonstrates why you love Meadow Vista: In the winter, I can wake up and have my breakfast looking out at woods, deer, squirrels and birds while deciding if it will be a good day for skiing, which is less than an hour away at Donner Summit. In the summer, I can finish my day's work and still get to the river with a friend for a couple hours of whitewater kayaking and be out of the water to watch the sunset and come home.  Despite living in an area with spacious 1 - 2 acre lots, I can walk (20 minutes) or bike (5 - 10 minutes) to the supermarket, pharmacy, the hardware store, Jeff's Mountain Auto service, my attorney Eric, the Vista Cafe for early morning coffee or a great sandwich, and a plethora of other businesses.
Do you ever see yourself leaving Meadow Vista?  When I need help living, if my family hasn't moved back and invited me to live with them, then I will move to a retirement place.

Marc Krupin, Resident and Owner of Cascade Gardens
When did you move to Meadow Vista?  1999
What brought you to Meadow Vista?  To attend Live Oak Waldorf School.
Please share an experience that demonstrates why you love Meadow Vista: Never having to lock my doors. 
Do you ever see yourself leaving Meadow Vista?  I don't know if I'll ever leave!

Websites Need a Mobile Device Friendly Facelift

By Ashlei Jackson, This Is My Town USA

In the last five years the percentage of people owning and using smart phones has jumped drastically from 14% to 49% (CNN Tech) and while not everyone has made the move to a feature phone, reader or tablet with internet capability, website owners can’t deny that this shift will change how we create websites in the future.
 What does this mean? Making sure your website is mobile device friendly should be a priority for any business that wants to be found on the mobile web.

Get a .mobi Domain that Matches Your Current Domain:
There are several different methods involved but the first step is to register your .mobi domain. Some providers even offer an instant mobilizer option that will automatically convert your website into a mobile device friendly version.

Make it Easy to Get to Your .mobi Domain from Your Main Website:
Most people will already know or more readily find your regular .com, .net, .biz website even with their mobile device. Advanced site designers can create code to recognize and redirect mobile devices to the mobile version of the site. However, it will be necessary and important for most business owners to create a link to the mobile version of the site from their home page. Use an icon or button that is discreet but easily visible near the top left of the page so that people can easily navigate there.

What Does a Mobile Site Look Like?
Most mobile devices have a smaller screen than a typical computer. Squeezing your entire website into a mobile screen will mean that viewers will have to zoom in and out to read and navigate your content. Mobile friendly pages will be converted into a narrow and reader friendly version (see image to right). This will allow the visitor to scroll up and down without having to zoom as well as make it easy for smart phone users to touch your phone number to call you and map directions to your address.
 Mobile data plans are usually billed to consumers based on the amount of data they access. Thus pages with large graphics and content will use up their data usage more quickly. Mobile converters will automatically convert graphics to be small and ask for authorization before streaming large content items like videos and music.

 It’s true that we live in a small town, one that usually gets hidden in a black hole when it comes to cell phone reception. However, its still important to make sure we, as business owners, make our websites user friendly...a factor that can mean us securing a sale over our competitor.

Placer Hills Education Foundation Fiesta! Nets $62,000 for Local Schools

By Kathy Ito, PHEF President

Thanks to amazing community support, the annual Placer Hills Education Foundation (“PHEF”) dinner auction netted $62,000 for Sierra Hills and Weimar Hills School programs. As PHEF is an all volunteer organization, one hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the schools.
 In her second and final year as chairperson, Shalome Briggs and over fifty volunteers orchestrated a quality and well organized event that sold out in just over two weeks.  Tickets were $75 per person.
More than 150 people attended the “PHEF Fiesta!” at Winchester Country Club on Friday March 4th.
 Shalome scheduled the event at Winchester this year so it was easier for the community to participate, and participate they did. Attendees were remarkably generous, merchants in Meadow Vista, Colfax, and Auburn were liberal and thoughtful donors, and the tireless army of volunteers did what was needed.
 The “PHEF Fiesta!” was truly a celebration of what a community has and continues to do for education. Thank you!
 The event included a special “Fund-A-Need” auction that raised $13,750 for the school's K-8 visual and performing arts programs. Jennifer Lynn, a 4th grade teacher at Weimar Hills School, did an really good  job detailing the importance of the program and attendees were very supportive.
 Since 2005, the foundation has raised over $500,000 to support a wide range of school programs from kindergarten cooking, music, PE, and the arts to library services, clubs, and technology.
 PHEF would like to do more to support innovative education in our community, but additional help is needed to grow the contributions PHEF is making to educate children and build our future. There are many ways to support PHEF's mission other than the annual dinner auction. PHEF accepts tax deductible donations year round, and welcomes new volunteers.
For more information, contact Kathy Ito at or visit PHEF's web site at The Placer Hills Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.