Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meadow Vista History - 1967 Post Office

This was an article printed in December 1967 “Foothill Folks” assumed to be written by then postmaster, Cliff Ramos.

During 1967 the Post Office Department conducted an all out campaign to remind people of the importance of Zip Codes and to make the number readily available to every citizen.
 Today, Postmaster Cliff Ramos urges all residents of Meadow Vista to use the Zip Code they have added to their mailing lists on every piece of Christmas Mail.
 We expect more mail than ever before, Zip Code will be a key element if we are to efficiently handle the number of pieces of mail that will go through the Meadow Vista Post Office between now and Christmas. The Post Office is geared up to process this year's record breaking deluge of mail but public cooperation is necessary for our operation to be successful...Zip Codes can be obtained by phoning the Post Office.

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