Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chiropractic: Myths vs Facts

By Dr. Randall Hensley, DC, Hensley Chiropractic

It’s time to set the most common myths about chiropractic health benefits...straight!
Myth #1:  “Chiropractors aren’t real doctors”:In addition to a four year college degree, two years of pre-requisites, and four years of chiropractic schooling, totaling more than 4,485 hours of focused coursework in sciences such as anatomy, kinesiology, manual manipulation, dermatology, physiology, and neurology, etc., D.C.’s must also have more than 900 hours of clinical experience and pass three levels of written and oral state and federal licensing board examinations just to get a license.
Myth #2  “Chiropractors crack your bones”:
The “pop” sometimes heard during an adjustment is not bones cracking, that would be a fracture.  The “pop” sound is simply a side effect of movement produced when the release of dissolved gasses in the liquid of the joint come out of solution and the vacuum of the joint is released. 
Myth #3:  “It’s dangerous”:
As with nearly every available treatment option, including medical procedures such as surgery, drugs, and even non-treatment, there are potential risks to be weighed by the doctor and patient.  Chiropractic treatment has been found to be “remarkably safe”.  Looking at the odds, it is far more dangerous to drive to you doctor’s appointment than to receive an appropriate and carefully applied chiropractic treatment.
Myth #4  “Once you go, you will have to go forever”:  
Just like feeling the benefits of eating healthy food, you decide what and how long you want to eat healthy.  Chiropractic can be just short term pain relief or long term wellness care.  You decide.
Myth #5:  “It hurts”:
Everyone has different pain thresholds but in general, only a small fraction of patients report pain following an adjustment by a doctor of chiropractic.  Most report more movement and a greater range of motion, relaxation, and less pain. Chiropractic should not hurt. 
Myth #6  “Chiropractic is only for back pain”:
 Chiropractic is for much more.  Chiropractic can have a global affect on our health by restoring the function and posture of the body, the attitude of the person, the biomechanics and coordination of how we perform, nutrition to the discs and spine, accelerated healing, and enhance our sensory awareness and nervous control of all body systems.    
Myth #7  “It is too expensive”:
Compared to what?  Medication?  Physical therapy? Ignoring the pain? How much is relief worth?  The worse the pain, the more valuable the relief.   Avoiding drugs or surgery, looking and feeling better longer, and returning to your life, sport, or hobby faster and with less pain…priceless.

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