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2017 Christmas in the Village Map

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Date: Saturday, December 9th, 2017
Location: Downtown participating merchants
Time: 4-6pm (Santa arrives at dusk)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas in the Village and Other Holiday Events 2017

Fun for the family  light displays, crafts, tree lightings, caroling, bonfires and more..

• Christmas in the Village - Meadow Vista. -  Dec. 10th   Enjoy a scavenger hunt for goodies from 4 to 6 pm with the businesses in downtown Meadow Vista.  Santa arrives in the lot next to the Post Office at 6:30 pm and the bon fire is lit while children express wishes to jolly St. Nick.

• Festival of Lights Parade  - Sat. Dec. 3 at 5:30pm in downtown Auburn

• Old Town Auburn Country Christmas - Sat. Dec. 10 and 17th from 5 to 9 pm  crafts, food and fun.

• Grass Valley Cornish Christmas - Friday nights beginning Nov. 25th thru Dec. 23rd - Enjoy the traditions of the earlier immigrants to this area from 6-9 pm

• Nevada City Victorian Christmas - Wednesdays Dec. 14 & 21 from 5-9pm and Sundays Dec 4, 11 & 18 from 1:30-6pm -  Enjoy turn of the century theme with costumed merchants, caroling and much more. Visit for more info.

• Sacramento Region - Check out the website for light displays in the surrounding area, then map your route and have fun.  The site adds new locations daily.

Improving Meadow Vista Town Safety

By Heather Wingo,

As residents of Meadow Vista, we do value our small town lifestyle with beautiful surroundings and safe neighborhoods. However, we have now formed a local committee to address a rising concern over increased traffic-related problems and accidents. We have watched with concern the many complaints about reckless driving, accidents and near-misses, frequent loss of wildlife due to speeders, and pedestrian hazards. We have decided to do something about it but we need your help.

In addition to working with our local Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and the local Sheriff and CHP, we will also work with area businesses to share safe practices with their employees.
But, please, slow down Meadow Vista for your safety and ours! Posted speed limit is 25 mph. A recent survey shows over 46% of drivers exceed this speed.

How can you help? Join our monthly meetings to learn about our effort and participate. You can join our mailing list for updates- email us at We send out a monthly newsletter where you can learn about the events and projects we are doing.

Credit Management During the Holidays

By Toni Ryan, Synergy One Lending

Holiday shopping is fun (and stressful) at best but if planned well, it will not affect your credit score.
Below are some important reminders when spending during the holiday season:

Tip #1 - Don't sign up for new credit unless the savings is substantial. Many stores promote 0% interest on a purchase if you sign up for their credit card. This application will result in a credit inquiry which can affect your score negatively – do not add new credit unless the savings is substantial.

Tip #2 - Do not put all your purchases on one credit card – Unless you plan to pay off the balance when the payment is due, charging more than 35% of the total credit allowed, can lower your credit score significantly.

Tip #3 - Always pay at least $5 more than your minimum monthly payment each month. If you cannot pay down your balance, always pay a little more.  This action, although it seems minor, can actually improve your credit score. Credit ratings are based, in part, on behavior patterns. A person who pays more than the minimum payment is less likely to pay late or overcharge.

These are simple actions that help to keep you in control of your credit and thoughtful of your spending.
Wishing you all the joy the Holiday Season can bring!

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Fundraising 2017

By Cathy Williams, Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

Winter is fast approaching and the Friendly Neighbors Club is in full swing with fund raising events that support our annual Christmas Basket and Toy Program, which is the club's major project. 
With the generous help of the Meadow Vista Lion's Club, the Pancake Breakfast, held on November 4th at Placer Hills School was a great success!  Despite the inclement weather, the Lions cooked eggs to order, pancakes and sausage.  More than 85 members of the Meadow Vista community braved the rain and enjoyed the breakfast!  Thank you Lions for your continuing support of the Friendly Neighbors!
Harjinder Kaur and Gurcharan “Bill” Singh of the Meadow Vista Mountain Mike's Pizza  hosted a Family Pizza Night on Friday, November 10th.  A portion of the sale of pizzas was donated to the Friendly Neighbors Club in support of the Christmas Basket and Toy Program.  When I walked into the restaurant at 6:05 in the evening, the whole restaurant was packed with patrons all enjoying pizzas!  A wonderful turn-out!  Again, thank you to our community and Harajinder and Bill for their continued support!
Mark your calendar for late afternoon and early evening on December 15th (Friday) to assist with the packing of the Christmas Baskets at Sierra Hills School.  It's a great way to give back to the community and very much appreciated!
      Luncheon meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Faith Luthern Church on Combie Road in Meadow Vista .  New members and guests are welcome.  There is no charge for the luncheon.  For further information contact Cathy Williams at 878-6843 or Gerry Hinkle at 878-6117.  Additional information can be found at our new website:  Our mailing address is  P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, California  95722.  We are a non-profit organization.

Meadow Vista Community Center Adult Classes in January 2018

Meadow Vista is fortunate to have six adult education classes offered in January,  February and March at the Community Center.  Use to sign up. See the details below:

iPhone Level 1 - Beginner
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Designed for new users or to refresh your understanding of your iPhone with the new IOS communication features. Get a detailed view (or review) of how to use contacts, calendar, email, and texting. Get an introduction to additional phone uses with settings, web surfing, and the use of Siri. 
Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista1/25/18 - 2/8/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011300                                $44

iPhone Level 2 - Intermediate
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Take a deeper look at the iPhone's features. Learning to use some of the hidden features can make daily use more user-friendly. Get a detailed review of Camera, Photos, App store, iTunes, iCloud, To Do List, Notes, and Email. Increase your knowledge and begin using these great features to your advantage.                  
Prerequisite: iPhone Level 1 or equivalent experience. Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista2/15/18 - 3/1/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011400                                $44

iPhone Level 3 - Advanced
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction)Once you have a basic understanding of your iPhone and its primary functions, go a layer deeper and learn some tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Learn about advanced features to empower your daily iPhone interaction. Customize your settings to perform based on your specific needs throughout your day.                                                                  
 Prerequisite: iPhone Level 2 or equivalent experience. Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista3/8/18 - 3/22/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011500                                $44

Mastering the iPad Level 1
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Apple's iPad has been spectacularly popular among PC and Mac users alike. Learn through hands-on instruction how to set up and run your iPad for both home and business use. We will cover the built-in apps Apple provides for communication, productivity, and entertainment. Learn how to synchronize your information seamlessly across multiples devices - including your desktop computer. Harness the power of the most elegant tablet on the market today! Book included.
Please bring your fully charged iPad and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista1/25/18 - 2/8/18               Thursday
10:30am - 12:30pm         Skip Doughty
6010700                                $44
Mastering the iPad Level 2 3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) The primary apps included with iOS(operating system) on the iPad are handy to know for the best use of the device.  We'll take a closer look at Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Videos, iTunes, and the App Store.  Additional features will be covered and explained as to how they relate to the primary iPad Apps that you use on a daily basis.  Explore Settings to help customize your iPad to your specific needs.  Visual learning, coupled with hands-on use of your iPad will take you to the next level.
Prerequisites: Apple ID and password required, iPad Level 1 and your book from iPad Level 1.  Please bring your fully charged iPad and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista
2/15/18 - 3/1/18               Thursday
10:30am - 12:30pm         Skip Doughty
6011700                                $44

iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks
2 Sessions (4 hours of instruction) Great for new or experienced iPhone users! It never hurts to stay current with the i0S, Apps, and the latest updates when you use your iPhone every day. This class is designed to provide visuals as well as hands-on learning. Come learn how to make the most of your iPhone.                                                                               
Please bring your fully charged iPhone/iPad and charger.

Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista
4/5/18 - 4/12/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6022201                                $32

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

By Meadow Vista Community Center

Investing for Growth

By Natalie Litchfield, Financial Advisor, IFC Insurance

You’ve worked hard and saved your money, now all you want is for your hard earned cash to start working for you. While we all want our investments to grow the ultimate goal may be different for each person. Some may want to protect their savings while taking little to no risk. While others want to make sure their investments keep growing even if that means they take on a little more risk to do so. Regardless of your specific goals here are 3 tips that will help you make wise decisions when investing.
What have you done for me lately? While this is what most people look at when choosing an investment; it is actually the potential for growth that is more important. It grew twice as much as anything else last year you say? I think I will pass. Look for quality investments and buy them when they are are on sale or undervalued. Hard to find in this market environment but there are still some out there, keep looking.
How far is the fall? All investments include some risk. Whether it is the risk of loss, volatility or liquidity make sure you are aware and comfortable with the level of risk. Even cash has inflation risk. The risk that it won’t keep pace with inflation and will have less buying power in the future.
Oops, I didn’t see that coming. Focus on what you can control. You can’t control politics, new laws or the economy. But you can control how much you spend, save and the quality of the investments you hold.
Do you have that one friend or family member who always seem to have the good stock pick or investment idea that is sure to make millions? Remember this; the most successful investors made their money the long way, on a good quality, well diversified portfolio they held for the long-term.

Natalie Litchfield and her firm IFC are State Registered Investment Advisors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This is not a solicitation for the sale of securities.

How to Have a Successful Home Buying Experience

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

You've made the excited decision to buy a home – now you want to make sure the process is successful and rewarding.  If you're like every other first-time buyer, the moment you decide to seriously look for a home, you'll be energized, if not consumed, by the process.  You'll want to do everything in your power to find the right home fast! 
Realtors across the country say that the most important thing you as a buyer can do is BE HONEST about what you really want in a home and what you actually need. Most buyers think they're being honest, but they may not turn their vision into usable information for their agent.  You can say you NEED a 4 bedroom house, but if you don't tell your agent that you need the 4th bedroom for an office, you're not being as helpful as you could be.  Why?  A house may have other spaces for an office – such as a 3rd floor attic that offers privacy – but they may not meet the official definition of a bedroom, so you miss out on a perfect home. 

Follow these other tips for a helpful and flawless buying experience:
· First and foremost, chose a local licensed real estate agent that has been referred to you by family, friends and co-workers.  You might want to consider interviewing several agents to make sure the agent's personality and work ethic meet your needs. 
· Have your Realtor refer at least 3 different lenders, if you are not currently working with one.  Interview these lenders just like you interviewed your real estate agents.  Do not start viewing homes with your Realtor until you have received a pre-qualification letter from your chosen lender.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Meadow Vista Pioneer Day

2017 MV Community Service Award

The Meadow Vista area has been fortunate to have people like the Arp family who have a strong sense of giving back to their community.
Jane Arp volunteered as a teacher's aide at Placer Hills School for many years.  Jane committed herself to helping children in the classroom even though for most of the time of volunteer service she did not have a child of her own in the school.  She volunteered one day a week in as many as three different classrooms (Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Ensley and Mrs. Linkugle).  In the words of Mrs. Anderson, “Her greatest desire is to service any child on a one-to-one basis for any reason—academically or personally.  Her attendance is faithful, she is always cheerful, professional towards everyone, positive and so very full of encouragement.  She readily accepts all children at their levels of learning and guides them to any and all achievements.  Her main strength is the ability to turn a child's attitude about learning or themselves from a negative to a positive, thus boosting their self-esteem and the child's willingness to continue as best they can showing pride.”
Fred Arp was on the coaching staff of the U.C. Davis football team for 40 years, during which the team had 37 consecutive winning seasons, 20 straight conference titles and 18 postseason appearances.  Mr. Arp was inducted into the U.C. Davis Hall of Fame in 2010 and was previously inducted into the Colfax High School Hall of Fame, as a charter inductee, in 1997.
Fred Arp and Jane Arp established the Arp Family Foundation about 20 years ago and have funded the Foundation.  The Foundation annually has provided funds for the Colfax High School athletic program and other youth-oriented organizations.  The Meadow Vista Community Center project has received several annual grants from the Arp Family Foundation totaling $82,250.
Mrs. Ann Arp Crispin made several grants to the Meadow Vista Community Center of stock and cash totaling $134,826.  With so many good causes to choose from, the Meadow Vista area is fortunate that Mrs. Crispin has chosen the Meadow Vista Community Center as recipient of her generosity.
There will be a celebration at the next MAC meeting 6/7/17 (1st Wednesday in June) to be held at Winchester Country Club, 3030 Legends Drive, Meadow Vista, CA  95722  (For directions call:  530-878-3000.)  The MAC meeting will start at 6pm, and as a part of our normal meeting, the award will be presented by Jennifer Montgomery.  The meeting will be followed by a reception to honor the Arp family.

Should You Add Solar Panels?

By Toni Ryan, Princeton Capital

"Going Solar" is a hot phrase! If you're considering solar, review some of the pros and cons:

The Pros of Adding Solar Panels to Your Home
Lower Electric Bill  - Depending on the size of your home and your electricity use, adding solar panels to your home can reduce your monthly bill.
Installation Costs are Lower than Ever - Since 2011, the cost of installing solar panels has dropped by 60%. There are also federal and local tax credits & subsidies to help lower the upfront setup costs.
Flexible Purchase Options - Due to the increased interest in solar energy, there are more companies to choose from for installing solar panels  more ways to afford the installation. You can choose to lease, buy or finance. There are also energy assistance programs such as mPower that tie the payment for the solar in with your real estate taxes. It is important to make sure than any financing option has a lower payment than your average electricity bill to ensure that you are saving money.

The Cons of Adding Solar Panels to Your Home
Not a Simple "Quick Fix" - You will need a professional who can recommend proper panel size and placement as well as install additional wiring that is necessary for energy conversion and use. There are concerns that damage done to a roof during installation may result in water leaks.
Hefty Upfront Cost - The national average of panel installation is $17,000. This can be a lot of up-front expense for many homeowners who will need to have a long-term plan to stay in the home to see overall savings.
Increase in Insurance Premium - If you decide to add solar panels, expect to see your homeowner’s insurance premium increase to cover the potential replacement of these fixtures.
Leased Panels Don't Add Appraised Value - If you choose to lease solar panels, keep in mind that you don't own the panels. Appraisers will not add value for the solar panels when assessing your home’s value because the panels are not owned and permanent fixtures to the home.
Financed Panels May Turn-Off Buyers (& Lenders) - When you secure a loan to pay for your solar panels and then decide to sell your home - the new buyers must be willing to not only buy your home but also take over the solar panel loan. This can make it difficult for some buyers who may fail to qualify or who don't like the terms of your solar loan. Many lenders will not lend with a PACE
program (example mPower) in place which collects the payment through your home’s real estate tax bill because this is recorded as a tax lien. To sell or refinance, this loan would need to be paid off.
Added Maintenance & Repair Requirements - Just like any appliance or fixture, there is necessary maintenance and cleaning required. As the panels age, there will also be necessary repairs to keep everything in working order.
Hopefully, this information helps you make a more informed decision about adding solar panels to your home. Remember to explore all the options to making your home more energy efficient before you decide. Often upgrading windows, appliances and caulking can add more value to your home and lower your energy bill with less cost. When in doubt, talk to a mortgage professional about your unique situation.

Dangerous Summer Stroller Mistake Many Parents Make

By Ashlei Jackson, Ever After Baby

It’s fairly common knowledge that leaving children in the car on a hot day, even for a few minutes, is a big no-no but as temperatures soar this summer, there’s a good chance that a common stroller mistake could be putting babies at risk. Covering a stroller with a blanket to shield your baby from the sun can have a furnace-like effect, according to a recent study done by Swedish researchers. While parents and grandparents believe that they are keeping the child shielded from the sun, adding a blanket over the stroller can cause the temperature inside a stroller to skyrocket to dangerous levels.
“It gets extremely hot down in the pram (stroller), something like a thermos,” pediatrician Svante Norgren told the Swedish newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet. “There is also bad circulation of the air and it is hard to see the baby with a cover over the pram.”
The newspaper decided to do a stroller experiment of its own, just to see what would happen. Here’s what it found:
• Without a cover: The temperature inside the a stroller left out in the heat was 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.)
• With a thin cover: In 30 minutes, the temperature rose to 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 degrees Fahrenheit.) And after an hour, it was at 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.)
The biggest increase in temperature occurred when the blanket was a solid weave (such as cotton or fleece) and the stroller or bassinet insert was completely covered so that air flow was stifled.
Young children are especially at risk for overheating and even heatstroke. Signs of heatstroke can include hot, red, dry skin; rapid pulse; restlessness; lethargy; rapid, shallow breathing; vomiting and unconsciousness. Make sure to dress your baby in lightweight, loose-fitting clothing and give more fluids on hot days. When in doubt, keep your child in the shade or indoors and see care from your doctor if you are concerned that your child may suffer from overheating.
If you do need to cover your stroller to prevent the sun from getting into your child’s eyes, use a light colored, breathable cloth that leaves space for air flow. Check on your child regularly to make sure they are not over heated.  Source: Baby Center

Family Movie Nights 2017

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors News

Submitted by Cathy Williams

The flowers of Spring are beginning to bloom in Meadow Vista and the Friendly Neighbors are beginning to plan for their many projects that help the community. After all, that’s what a “friendly neighbor” does, assist one’s neighbor and friend. Monthly luncheon meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month are held at the Meadow Vista Grange at 12:00 noon where all guests are welcome to participate in the planning of upcoming events including a booth at Pioneer Days.
Ongoing projects include supporting the Meadow Vista Library’s Summer Reading program, Colfax High School Grad Night, promoting the Script program at Sierra Hills School and operation MOM. The Friendly Neighbor’s Club often provides some financial assistance to these and other community based programs.
The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club was founded in 1944 by a few local friends with the goal of assisting their community neighbors in time of need. For further information please contact Virginia Nettleton, President at 530/368-6595 or The mailing address is P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, California 95722. We are a non profit organization.

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

5 Real Estate Terms You Should Know

By Maggie Francis, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

I have found, as a real estate agent, that sometimes just getting started with the home buying or selling process can be the biggest hurdle. There are a lot of unknowns. Finding a good real estate agent, lender and other industry professionals can certainly make the process smoother, but also having a grasp on some of the real estate terms you will encounter helps a prospective buyer/ seller know what to expect and can certainly ease the apprehension that may be associated with a real estate transaction. Here are a few of those terms to know:
• PRE-APPROVAL LETTER: Before a buyer applies for a mortgage or even start looking for a home, they should get a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter from bank/lender, which is an estimate of how much they'll lend. This letter will help a buyer determine what they can afford, and ensures home sellers that a buyer will be able to get a loan when needed
• INSPECTIONS: After a buyer has made an offer on a home, they will need to schedule a home inspection, a pest inspection and possibly well and septic inspections. These home inspectors will go through every nook and cranny, and review things like the plumbing, electrical, foundation, walls, heating, and appliances.
• APPRAISAL: When a buyer applies for a mortgage, the lender will require an appraisal of the home to be purchased. A licensed appraiser will estimate the home's value based on comparable homes that have sold in the area and an investigation of the property.
• CONTINGENCIES: When a buyer puts in an offer on a home, they can specify certain conditions that must be met before the deal will go through – these are called contingencies. There may be loan, inspection, appraisal value contingencies.
• CLOSING COSTS: Buyers and sellers should be prepared to pay a number of fees when selling or purchasing a home.  Common fees, negotiated between the buyer and seller, include escrow costs, taxes, loan-processing costs (paid by buyer) title insurance, a one year home warranty, and transfer taxes.
It's great to do your research before jumping into a decision as big as buying or selling a home, but also speak to your local real estate professional right away as you are considering your options. Your agent will be ready with a wealth of knowledge, great referrals and will be happy to help you make the most of your next real estate transaction.

What is an Estate Plan?

By Allison Harvey, Attorney, A. L. Harvey Law, PLC

The biggest misconception is that estate planning is only for the wealthy. Everyone has an estate. If you own a home, car, other real estate property, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal belongings you have an “estate” and need a plan when you’re not able to make decisions. To ensure that your estate is protected and that your wishes are carried out, you need to provide instructions stating who you want to receive your properties, what you want them to receive, and when they are to receive it.
The following tools are some of those that make up an estate plan. You may want all in your plan or just one. Read along to better understand each tool.
A revocable trust is an agreement between the person who creates the trust (you) and the person who manages the trust assets (generally you while you are alive). The trust agreement will dictate who will manage your assets when you no longer can, where your assets will go upon your death and how your beneficiaries will receive the assets. The trust can also designate when you want your children to receive the property held in trust so they don’t receive it all at age 18. A properly drafted revocable trust should avoid the costly and lengthy probate process and allows your beneficiaries to receive assets much quicker. Generally speaking, a trust of this nature allows for changes during your lifetime.
A will is a document that designates who will receive your assets upon your death. It also can designate the guardian of your children. This does not allow you to avoid probate. A pour over will is a tool that is used in conjunction with your revocable trust. It is different than a standard will. A pour over will designates that all property not held in trust will pour into your trust upon your death. This type of will helps to show that you intended your property to be held in trust and can assist in avoiding probate.
An advanced healthcare directive provides your doctors with instruction about what type of health decisions you would want made if you are incapacitated and unable to do it yourself. It also provides authorization to another individual to make decisions on your behalf in accordance with the instructions in

Meadow Vista Lions Club News June

Submitted by Etta Gross

Thank you to those Moms and families that came to join the Mother’s Day Breakfast on May 14, 2017 at Sierra Hills School.
Our next Breakfast will be on Pioneer Day, Sunday June 4, 2017.  This breakfast is in partnership with the Cub/Boy Scout Troop 6 here in Meadow Vista.  The costs is $5 for when you pre-purchase tickets from any Cub/Boy Scout and $6 at the event.  Serving time will be 8 a.m. to 11 pm at Placer Hills Campus Cafeteria.  Menu will be eggs, sausage and pancakes along with refreshments.  We hope to see you all there!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 17, 2017 for the Meadow Vista Lions’ 3rd Annual Car Show in Meadow Vista Park.  The show runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There will be goodie bags and dash plaques for the first 100 registered cars.  Registration fee is $20 before June 11, 2017 or $25 after that date.  Spectators are FREE and WELCOME to come view the cars on display, enjoy breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.  Vendors will be there with a variety of different merchandise.  For information please contact Lion Greg at (530) 637-5359 or stop by True Value Hardware in Meadow Vista.
Please visit the Lions at the swimming pool this season.  We will be cooking up hot dogs and supply water and chips.  Exact date will be posted throughout town, so please look for the flyer…
Our website is and email address

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Canceling Private Mortgage Insurance

By Toni Ryan, Princeton Capital

Private Mortgage Insurance is a special type of insurance policy, provided to protect the lender against loss if a borrower defaults on their loan. Most lenders require PMI when a homebuyer makes a down payment of less than 20% of the home's purchase price.
The Homeowners Protection Act provides two methods for you to remove PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) from your home loan: requesting cancellation or automatic cancellation. Keep in mind that these rules apply to conventional mortgage loans and are only applicable to loans that closed after July 29, 1999.
Requesting PMI Cancellation
You can request that your lender cancel PMI when the principal balance of your mortgage falls, or is scheduled to fall to 80 % of the original value of your home.
Here are some additional requirements that must be met in order to cancel PMI:
• Your request must be in writing.
• You must have a good payment history and be current
on your payments.
• Your lender may require you to certify that there are no junior liens (such as a second mortgage) on your home.
• Your lender can also require you to provide evidence, usually with an appraisal, that the value of your property hasn't declined below the value of the home when you first bought it. If the value of your home has decreased, you may not be able to cancel PMI.
Automatic PMI Termination
Your PMI will automatically terminate on the date when your principal balance is scheduled to reach 78 % of the original value of your home. You must be current on your payments on the anticipated cancellation date. Automatic PMI termination is different than a cancellation request. Your lender must terminate PMI even if the principal balance of your loan has not actually reached 78% of the current value of your home – for example, because the value of your home declined.
Cancelling PMI on FHA and VA loans
If your loan is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), these rules generally won't apply because there are often minimum time limits required for the premium payments.
If you have questions about mortgage insurance on any type of financing, contact your loan professional.

Lion’s Club News

Submitted by Etta Gross

Thank you to all those supporters of our 43rd Annual Crab Feed.  The participants and donations from businesses will allow Meadow Vista Lions to continue with our community service and events.  Those events are the school hot dogs, Easter Egg Hunt, Mother’s Day Breakfast just to name a few.
The Lions Easter Egg hunt will be at Placer Hills Soccer field on Saturday, April 15, 2017 starting at 10 a.m. SHARP!  Remember parents that this event is over within 5 minutes so please have your children there a few minutes early.  Also remember to bring those Easter baskets or bags to collect the eggs in.
Mother’s Day Breakfast will be Sunday, May 14, 2017 at Sierra Hills School.  All Moms’ are FREE and a very affordable amount for the other family members.
Save the date for Saturday, June 17, 2017 for our 3rd Annual Car Show.  Our car show will be held in Meadow Vista Park from 9 am to 2 pm.  Bring down your pre 1974, one of a kind or extremely rare vehicle.  Spectators are FREE!  Participant registration is $20 prior to June 11, 2017 and $25 after that date.  True Value Hardware has application for this event.  You may also email for an application.
Should you want to come see what being a Lion is about, please join us the 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights starting time 7 pm at the Meadow Vista Community Center.  You may always contact us at or a Lions members for questions or wanting information.

What’s Trendy for Spring?

By Skye Toro

So we were all obsessed with the open Shoulder that was trending this last Fall and Winter well it's back! The Open Shoulder concept in Dresses, Blouses and Rompers are all the rage. The open Shoulder adds that touch without being too revealing and women are loving it!
Stripes is another trend that is hot for Spring. Inspired by beach umbrellas and lounge chairs this trend is being referred to as "Seaside Stripes" and is such a fun look. From a light weight palazzo pant to a striped tank this is a look that will just scream Summer!
The big Colors for the upcoming season are Khaki and Yellow, all shade of yellow. Anyone and everyone can pull this off don't think you can't. There are so many beautiful shades of Yellow try it you'll love it.
Last but not least we can't forget about the latest and greatest "The New Athleisure". The cute sporty look that everyone is embracing and running with. Yes you can wear your "workout" clothes out and about and look fashionable according to the new rules :)

Faith Lutheran Summer Camp

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

Friendly Neighbors News

Submitted by Cathy Williams

The first quarter of 2017 has been very busy for The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club.  First and foremost, new officers were elected and installed at a luncheon ceremony held at the Sizzler in January.  Dana Johnson was elected President, Etta Gross as Vice President,  Rhoda Martin as Secretary and Sharon Bradford as Treasurer.  A new Board of Directors position as Immediate Past President was created and filled by Cathy Williams.
February began with the Club moving its meeting location to the Faith Lutheran Church on Combie Road in Meadow Vista.  The first meeting was held on February 22nd.  Guest speaker was Pastor Charlane informing the members of the past history and current goals  of the Church.
Scheduled events for the upcoming months include See's Easter Candy Sales in front of the Holiday Market and providing hot beverages (coffee, tea and hot chocolate) for those attending the Easter Sunrise Service in Meadow Vista Park.
The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club was founded in 1944 by a few local friends with the goal of assisting their community neighbors in time of need.  For further information contact Cathy Williams at 878-6843 or Gerry Hinkle at 878-6117.  Additional information can be found at our new website:  Our mailing address is  P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, California  95722.  We are a non-profit organization.

Organic Herbal Facials

By Jessica Wegrzyn, Pathways to Health

Organic Herbal Facials are a healing and nurturing treat for the skin and soul! The Facial begins with cleansing, using a blend of coconut oil and raw honey. Coconut oil is a gentle yet thorough cleanser that seeps into follicles and dissolves hardened sebum, bringing it up to the skin’s surface. The enzymes in raw honey clarify skin and help unclog pores. Both have antibacterial properties that thwart bacteria which can lead to breakouts.
Next is a relaxing and therapeutic facial massage, using jojoba oil scented with essential oil of geranium. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax that closely resembles our skin’s sebum. Its non-greasy texture, light weight and anti-inflammatory properties make it the ideal ingredient for a range of skin problems. Jojoba oil is very beneficial as a gentle, skin-softening moisturizer for all skin types. Geranium oil is astringent, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and speeds up skin healing, including healing acne and reducing scars.
What follows is a purifying bentonite clay mask. Bentonite clay absorbs and removes toxins and impurities in the skin. The minerals in the clay, including silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and potassium provide skin healing, while the drying of the clay pulls out excess hydrogen in the skin, replacing it with beneficial oxygen. While the mask is working its magic, you will receive a calming hand and foot massage.
Finally, the facial skin is toned with a special homemade blend of herbs and extracts known as Queen of Hungary’s water. A blend of lemon balm, rose petals, chamomile, calendula, comfrey, lemon peel, rosemary and sage are steeped in apple cider vinegar and then blended with rosewater and witch hazel. This is an ancient recipe and wonderful astringent for all skin types. It gently tones, tightens pores, soothes irritations of the skin, and normalizes the skin’s pH.
Be sure to ask your favorite facial spa or massage therapist about organic herbal facials!

Motrin - Safe or Not Safe?

By Richard L. Peatman, Pharm.D., Meadow Vista HealthMart Pharmacy

In the past few years, the safety of anti-inflammatory drugs has increasingly come into question.  These drugs include some of the most popular OTC medications taken by Americans.  They include ibuprofen (Motrin®), naproxen (Aleve®) and aspirin and are often referred to as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).   Most people in pain start with acetaminophen (Tylenol®).  Acetaminophen can safely be consumed over a long period of time when taken at appropriate doses.  However, acetaminophen works only on pain and not inflammation and often is not strong enough to control a person's pain.  NSAIDS, on the other hand, can help control both pain and inflammation and may be a stronger pain reliever than acetaminophen.
Americans consume a lot of NSAIDs.  The U.S. Food and Drug  Administration (FDA) estimates that each year Americans receive 70 million prescriptions for NSAIDs and this does not include the use of OTC forms.  Unfortunately, as useful as they are for pain and inflammation, they also are well known to cause many serious problems, such as gastrointestinal ulceration.  Ulceration may be severe or even life-threatening.  Other problems may include fluid retention, hypertension, or liver and kidney disease.
Recent studies have raised new concerns regarding heart disease and the use of NSAIDS.   Two prescription NSAIDs, Bextra and Vioxx, have been removed from the market because of their heart risk.  In 2015, the FDA issued new warnings on both OTC and prescription NSAIDs.  They include the following:
• The risk of heart attack or stroke can occur as early as the first weeks of using an NSAID. The risk may increase with longer use and higher doses.
• NSAIDs can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke in patients with or without heart disease or risk factors for heart disease.
• Patients with heart disease or risk factors for it have a greater likelihood of heart attack or stroke following NSAID use.
• Patients treated with NSAIDs following a first heart attack were more likely to die in the first year after the heart attack compared to patients who were not treated with NSAIDs after their first heart attack.
• There is an increased risk of heart failure with NSAID use.
In a recently released trial called Precision, the safety of celecoxib (Celebrex®) was compared to other NSAIDs.  This study showed a lower rate of heart disease with celecoxib use than with other NSAIDs.   It concluded that celecoxib in moderate doses did not significantly increase the likelihood of heart attack or stroke.
These recent revelations regarding NSAIDs demonstrate the importance of being careful when using both prescription and OTC anti-inflammatories.  This is particularly the case for individuals with a history of gastrointestinal, stroke or cardiac disease.  Consult your healthcare professional if you need to use these medications for longer than the packaging recommends.

Spring Housing Already Overheating

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

The spring housing market started early this year, not because of higher-than-average temperatures but because of hotter-than-average demand and overheating home prices. This year may be the starkest example of a post-recession reality that is redefining housing as we know it.
Housing affordability is the key to helping break yet another year of gridlocked inventory, but all signs are showing that homes this spring will be much less affordable than last year.
Affordability is being hit on several fronts: The foreclosure crisis is over, but it left behind an entirely new landscape for potential buyers. Entry-level homes are scarce because investors bought tens of thousands of them during the crisis and turned them into rentals. The number of single-family rentals jumped to more than 15 million, up from about 11 million in 2009, according to the U.S. Census.
  Homebuilders continue to operate well below normal levels because of higher costs and a lack of labor, and thousands of construction workers left the business during the recession, never to return. Builders don't focus on entry-level homes because the margins are simply too tight, and prices for new construction are also rising at a fast clip.
  What's more, credit is still tight, and the youngest cohort of buyers, the millennials, are delaying marriage and parenthood, the two biggest drivers of home ownership. The shortage of homes for sale has now pushed prices to a 30-year high. Rising mortgage rates only add to the pressure.
  Housing demand climbed considerably this year, even compared with last year, as the leading edge of the largest generation finally moves into home buying and a stronger job market supports them. A monthly demand index from Redfin jumped to the highest level since January 2013, when the index began. Compared to January 2016, homebuyer demand was up 23 percent, led by a 26 percent annual increase in homebuyers requesting tours and an 18 percent increase in buyers making offers.
  Soaring stock markets, still-low mortgage rates, and a steady economy bolstered homebuyers at the start of 2017.  Homebuyers were not just window shopping. They were serious about making offers and getting to the closing table. However, this uptick in homebuyer enthusiasm won't guarantee strong sales in the coming months. With pending home sales down across the country in January despite strong demand, the lack of supply is a formidable foe for buyers this year.
  Higher home prices in some areas are supported by improving local economies and employment, but in other markets, too much demand pitted against too little supply is resulting in overheated housing.
  Potential buyers today are facing tough new realities. Some houses are clearly overpriced, and renting is still a better financial option in some markets. Competition is fierce for the best homes, and buyers have to be
ready to pull out all the tricks.