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10 Summer Recipes: Trifle, Fruit Salsa, Feta Burger, Garlic Pickles & More!

5 Myths About Home Values

By Toni Ryan, First Priority Financial

During periods of economic growth, home values typically go up and most homeowners do not question appraisals.
Conversely, in times of turmoil when property values are declining, homesellers naturally question appraisal values.
The actual appraisal process has changed very little over the course of the housing boom and bust cycle but since the topic of home values seems to be a hot discussion, let's address the top five appraisal myths/questions.
Appraisal Myths:

Myth #1- Appraisal values are based upon a simple formula that uses dollar per square foot and comparable sales prices.
Reality - There are several factors the affect the value of a property which include comparable sales prices, location, amenities, exterior and interior condition, maintenance, lot size, bed and bath count, traffic and much more.  There is no simple formula.

Myth #2 -  A clean house appraises higher.
Reality - Appraisers do not care if your laundry is on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. They notice maintenance issues like peeling paint, holes in flooring, etc. but the mess does not affect value. However, iIf there is a mess large enough so that the appraiser cannot see the floors or the walls, then it is a good idea to clean up.

Myth #3 - Telling the Appraiser the value you want means they will try to hit that value.
Reality - The first and foremost rule for the appraisal is that it is an UNBIASED report of value. Appraisers must act independently of the owner and the lender which better serves both parties. There have been strict guidelines put in place since the 2008 meltdown that do not allow the appraiser to discuss value with the borrower.

Myth #4 - The value of the home appraisal reflects the dollar for dollar value of recent improvements.
Reality - Rarely. Some improvements increase the value of the property while other improvements are the owner's preference. The appraised value is mainly based upon how your home compares with the homes that have sold recently in your area rather than on a list of improvements.

Myth #5 - An appraiser always uses the most recent closest sales, regardless of the term of the sale.
Reality - Only if necessary. If there are enough standard sales, meaning not a foreclosure or short sale, then we use those and avoid the REO sales as they are not often the best representation of the market. However, if we must use the REO sales, then we will adjust the REO sale by a percentage.  Many times when an REO sales Is used it is one of 5 comparables and carries less weight for the value.
Keep in mind that an appraiser is looking at several things when determining the value of a property. Your mortgage professional can run comparable sales to give you a better idea of the value range of your property before you proceed with the cost of the appraisal.

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Business Blues

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

Many business owners feel the stagnant summer drag, not only from the heat but from the steady slowing of clientele who are out enjoying the warm weather activities rather than buying or booking. How do you cope? Change your attitude and change your strategy! Summer is a change of pace for everyone every year, so make the most of it and better your business. While we grownups don’t get to take this time to lay around and do nothing until fall approaches here are some equally fulfilling things you can be up to:

1. Get some “me time” in - Now that you’re not rushing around to take care of clients, you can look inwards, to take care of your brand and other internal systems. This is the perfect time to figure out what is working and what needs to be tweaked. Summer is a great time to re-group and test some new policies, or get that big marketing campaign started.
2. School’s IN for summer - Summer’s a great time to get in the business education that you had no time for the rest of the year! Go to a convention, take classes, connect with other business owners and learn from them.

3. Motivate & Team Build - If you’re feeling the summer slow down, odds are that your employees are too. This is a great time to throw in some motivating sales contests and team building exercises to get your staff to pump up the energy and connect. Even if you only have a few employee, don’t negate the value of this.

4. Summer Make-over - Re-vitalize your office with a new picture, new paint on the walls or clear out the clutter. Most of the time, the summer blues come from the fact that we don’t want to be inside while the weather is nice. Take a lesson from this and make the ‘inside’ more inviting and welcoming. Freshening up the office will make you and your clients happier just by walking in the door.

5. Do something crazy! - If you’ve been tossing around a few marketing ideas in your head, now is your chance to try it out.  Try out a new coupon or promotion, host an event (indoor or outdoors), volunteer or amp up your networking. If you’re feeling the slow-down, odds are other business neighbors are as well. Take some time to connect with other like-minded people and you might even get inspiration of new ways to increase business.

BONUS: Take a Break - Yes, I know you’re self-employed. Yes, I know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Yes, your company might be your whole life but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to step away once in a while. Whether you take a formal vacation or just avoid the office for a few days - be proactive and take a break. You’ll find that when you stop thinking about all of the things you HAVE to do, you’ll think of things you WANT to do including positive ways to improve your business. Trust me. Your business will survive in your absence.
Once again, your down season, whether it be summer or another, is nothing to worry about! All businesses have their ebb and flow. So use that ebb time to prepare for a rush of business, better than ever!

2014 PAWS to Read Summer Events at Meadow Vista & Applegate Libraries

Self-Employed Tax Info

By J.C. Harrison, Simplified Business & Tax

Generally, you are self-employed if any of the following apply to you:
• You carry on a trade or business as a sole proprietor or an independent contractor.
• You are a member of a partnership that carries on a trade or business.
• You are otherwise in business for yourself (including a part-time business)

As a self-employed individual, generally you are required to file an annual return and pay estimated tax quarterly.
Self-employed individuals generally must pay self-employment tax (SE Tax) as well as income tax. SE tax is a Social Security and Medicare tax primarily for individuals who work for themselves. It is similar to the Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from the pay of most wage earners. In general, anytime the wording “self-employment tax” is used, it only refers to Social Security and Medicare taxes and not any other tax (like income tax).
Before you can determine if you are subject to self-employment tax and income tax, you must figure your net profit or net loss from your business. You do this by subtracting your business expenses from your business income. If your expenses are less than your income, the difference is net profit and becomes part of your income on page 1 of Form 1040. If your expenses are more than you income, the difference is a net loss. You usually can deduct your loss from gross income on page 1 of Form 1040. But in some situations your loss is limited. See Pub. 334, Tax Guide for Small Business (For Individuals Who Use Schedule C or C-EZ) for more information.
You have to file an income tax return if your net earnings from self-employment were $400 or more. If your net earnings from self-employment were less than $400, you still have to file an income tax return if you meet any other filing requirement listed in the Form 1040 instructions (PDF).

Meadow Vista Community Center Update June 2014

Own a local business? Join the Meadow Vista Merchants

Not only will you get a discounted rate to advertise here in the View Magazine but you’ll get exclusive invitation to our Member & Sponsored Events!

• In April we hunted for Cash Filled Easter Eggs in True Value. Members and their spouses were invited.

• This month, we’re serving ice cream at Family Movie Night (see pg 3) and member businesses are invited to participate & sponsor the ice cream for added exposure.

• In August, we’re planning a Salsa Tasting Contest that will include more fun and ways to win.

• In October, we hand out candy to cowboys and princesses at Trick-or-Treat trail in downtown Meadow Vista

• In December, we host Christmas in the Village Scavenger Hunt that gets families out to your business for holiday fun.

We’d love to have you as a member! Learn more at

Family Movie Nights Schedule in 2014

Chocolate for Teeth!?!

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS, Winning With Smiles

Chocolate to the rescue! Eh? … It turns out theobromine, a natural alkaloid found in cocoa works perhaps as well as fluoride to remineralize teeth that have begun to decay. A preliminary laboratory study of the alkaloid comparing it with fluoride to reverse the demineralizing process in tooth decay found them statistically equal.
Can you imagine it now? Brush your teeth clean and then smear a bit of chocolate on them before bed. For those of you on the cutting edge, there is already an “up-scale” chocolate toothpaste emphasizing the theobromine.
Don't jump to conclusions just yet. There is more research going on to verify these preliminary results.
Join us at PIONEER DAY for some fun wall climbing, bounce housing, sack racing and other fun stuff.

Americans Ready to Spend Money...Especially on Housing

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

As a positive sign for the U.S. economy and housing conditions, Americans are reportedly more optimistic about buying a home, according to the recent PulteGroup Home Index survey. Overall attitudes toward buying a home is trending positive.  For the first time in years, Americans have a growing sense of optimism that the housing market is improving, and that these positive changes may be sustainable.
• The survey found that 67 percent of people say they plan on purchasing a home, and of that amount, 32 percent are looking to buy within the next two years.
• Twenty-one percent would move up their buying timeline if they were able to sell their current home at a higher price point/break their lease without penalty.
• The results indicate that 57 percent of adults think now is a good or excellent time to purchase items they want or need, especially when it comes to entering the housing market.
• Millennials and move-up buyers represent the most engaged consumer segments, 85 percent and 71 percent, respectively, intending to purchase a home in the future.
• As for baby boomer trends, 50 percent of those aged 55 and older are looking to purchase a home in the future.
• Seventy percent of home shoppers plan to spend more or as much money on their next home, and 64 percent prefer to spend more on a home that's move-in ready rather than spend less and renovate.
These new buyers need your listings!  Are you ready to take advantage of this current Fast-Paced Seller's Market?  Contact one of your local Meadow Vista Merchant Realtors today for optimal results.

Relationship Tip Works Like Magic

By Sonika Tinker, MSW & Christian Pedersen, CLC, LoveWorks Relationship Help

How would you like to have a 'magic wand' at your disposal for use in your relationship? To be used when your partner says stuff like, 'Can't you pick up after yourself'? Or, 'Can't a man get some peace around here?'. Or any other of those annoyed remarks that have a tendency to spiral down into further un-pleasantries. And how about if this 'magic wand' had the ability to totally diffuse the frustration and put you right back on the track of productive conversations and increased intimacy. 
Before we get to what that 'magic wand' is, let's talk a bit more about the situations where the magic tip will come in handy and what goes on in them.
Here are few examples we hear from couples in our relationship workshops: He doesn't pick up after himself. She's always on his back about his eating habits. She can't connect with him, because he's too distracted. They can't agree on how to spend money. Whatever it may be these are examples of recurring complaints in the relationship. 
What do you normally do with that? Well, you try to make it better. You tell your partner to quit doing that thing that drives you crazy. You say, for example, 'Do you HAVE to leave your clothes on the floor!? Am I the only adult around here?' Or you tell her in a frustrated tone of voice, 'Why do we always have to talk about my feeeeelings? Can we just have a rational conversation about this?'
And have you noticed how that never works? It doesn't matter how many times you tell him or her, they don't change! They just keep doing that thing! What is up with that!
What actually happens when you state your complaint and point out what your partner does that annoys you, is the exact opposite of what you'd LIKE to see happen. They become even more persistent in their behavior. Which in turn annoys you even more. And now you're spiraling doooooooown.
But it actually makes sense. Just think about it from your own experience. When your partner says to you, in an irritated tone, 'You NEVER listen to me!', does that make you want to relax and really listen? No, you just want to tell them, 'Because you always say the same things; now buzz off!' 
An irritated remark like that only invites another irritated remark in response. Nothing else. That brings us the magical relationship tip, the 'magic wand'. As most real magic, it's exceedingly simple. But don't let its simplicity fool you, it's exceedingly efficient. 
Here goes: Whenever your partner has a complaint, or says anything they're annoyed about, say in response, 'Thank you for wanting that'.
Consider it from this point of view. It is actually a good thing they want you to listen. You can understand that. You too want to be listened to when you have something to say, too, right?  
When your partner says, 'Can't you clean up after yourselves', you say, 'Thank you for wanting a clean space'. Most likely, you'd like a somewhat clean space, too. You just don't want to be yelled at about it. 
What the magical relationship tip does is it receives and acknowledges the good intention behind your partner's complaint or annoyance. Every complaint has a good intent behind it. The good intent behind, 'Do we have to talk about this now?', is to have easy conversation and just relax. That's a good thing, right? You'd like to have easy conversation and being relaxed, too. 
Whatever complaint comes at you, say, 'Thank you for wanting ______.' And THEN you can begin communicating about how to take care of whatever it is they want. That's another skill for another time, but for now, just remember, receive and acknowledge the good intent in whatever your partner says.
You'll be amazed at how efficiently it diffuses the charged energy of irritation or frustration or even white-hot anger. And when you say, 'Thank you for wanting that', it helps you not take it personally and start defending yourself, or counter attacking (you already know where that's going to lead you).
Thank you for wanting that.

The Importance of Community

By Pastor Charlane Lines, Faith Lutheran Church

As a pastor, I am blessed to interact with people of all ages in all stages of life.   As I visit with people and listen to their stories, I am continually reminded of the importance of community.   From birth to death and all points in between, it is in the context of people gathered together that people find meaning, comfort, fellowship and hope.  
Technology has improved our lives and brought us closer together in so many ways.  With just a touch of a button we can hear and see loved ones living miles away.  Sharing information with one another is as easy as a mouse click.  Social networking sites have reunited long lost friends, helped form new friends, and allowed those who are home-bound to connect with the outside world.
Despite all these amazing ways of maintaining relationships, I believe that loneliness affects more people than ever.  Why is that?    Because, no matter how many people express their concern for you on Facebook, there is no comfort greater than sitting next to someone who can hold your hand, offer a hug, share a tear or a smile, or pour you a cup of coffee and remind you that ARE NOT ALONE.  Loneliness is prevalent in our world because it doesn't matter how many emails you receive to congratulate you on your achievement, a celebration with a group of friends gathered around a dinner table toasting your success will make that success more real, more tangible, and more amazing.
To be part of a community of people gathered, live and in person, is to be part of something life-changing.  When we are involved in community, we have the assurance that there will be someone there for us when we are hurting, when we are celebrating, when we have questions, when we need support.  The communities we join define who we are and help guide us on the journey of life.
Here in Meadow Vista we are blessed that even in this small town we have many opportunities for community: service groups, civic art groups, walking and exercise groups, youth activities, and, yes, church groups.  This summer, Faith Lutheran Church, the church I serve,  has many opportunities for building communal relationships.  Check us out at  Join us June 22 and July 20 for a BBQ and music and great conversation!

MV Community Service Award Recipient: Gerry Hinkle

By Laurie Sweeney, Community Service Award Committee

Gerry Hinkle has been selected as the recipient of the Meadow Vista Community Service Award for 2014.    Gerry Hinkle is a native Meadow Vistan. She was born and raised in Meadow Vista and has been a resident for over 70 years.    Mrs. Hinkle has volunteered her time across many non-profit organizations that service the Meadow Vista community.   Mrs. Hinkle’s mother founded the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors group in 1944.   She has been a volunteer for this organization since her youth.      
As an adult she has served on the board of the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors in most of the officer positions, President, Treasurer, Secretary – some more than once.     Her projects and volunteer activities include:
 · The Holiday Food Basket and Toy Program for local families in need.
·  Annual Pancake Breakfast volunteer which supports the Food Basket Program.
· Assisted with the Meadow Vista Family Movie Night which benefited the Meadow Vista Pool and Community Center.
· Participated as a food server for the Octoberfest event with proceeds going towards the Meadow Vista Community Center.
·  Worked as a volunteer for Pioneer Day, which benefits many local charities and the Fire Department.
· Assisted with Skeet Reese’s Fishing Derby, a fundraiser for the Community Center.
·  Serves Hot Beverages for the Easter Sunrise Service.
· Serves as a consistent volunteer for the Meadow Vista Lions Club's charitable projects.
· Volunteers as a driver for those needing transportation for medical treatment and other services.
  Please join us in congratulating and honoring Gerry Hinkle for her many years of service to the Meadow Vista community.

Stress & Heart Disease

By Richard L. Peatman, Pharm.D., Meadow Vista Pharmacy

If managing stress is a challenge for you, pay attention.  More and more research is pointing to stress as a contributor to a heart attack and other forms of heart disease. From natural disasters to the death of a sibling, to the daily grind of modern-day life, stress can have a big impact on your heart. In fact, some studies show it harms your heart as much as smoking at least five cigarettes a day.   If you do have a heart attack, the prognosis may be poorer with chronic stress. And heart patients with high anxiety or depression can double or even triple their risk of dying.
Why does stress have such a big impact? Stress produces lots of physiological changes affecting your heart. For example, you pump out more adrenaline, which can make your blood pressure rise and your heart race. If these changes keep up over time, they can damage your heart's arteries.  Of course there's also some good news.  Although you can't control all the stressors in your life, you can take steps to better manage your responses to stress. Cultivating a positive, optimistic frame of mind has even been linked to better levels of cholesterol and other markers of heart health.
What can you do to manage you stress?  The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends the following steps.

• Practice positive self-talk at least once a day. This can work wonders at turning around a negative frame of mind. An example of negative self-talk is this: "I hate when this happens." An example of positive self-talk is this: "I can handle this. I've done it before."
• Do something pleasurable for at least 15 minutes a day. Maybe it's taking a bubble bath, strolling in the park, or listening to your favorite music. You might be amazed at how much this can turn around a day that feels like it's gone all wrong.
• Use emergency stress stoppers. These are great for those situations where you feel like you're going to burst! Try methods like these: Count to 10 before you speak. Take a few deep breaths. Go for a walk. Give yourself extra time to get ready in the morning so you won't be running late.
• Practice a daily relaxation method such as deep breathing or other relaxation activity.  You need to actively calm the tension in your mind and body.
• Cultivate healthy habits. Get enough sleep, don't forget to laugh, exercise, slow down and accept what you can't change. Taking steps like these will make a big difference in how well you manage stress.

For more information, go to the AHA website at and select the tab Getting Healthy.  If you need additional help, discuss your situation with your health care provider.  They can be very helpful in directing the care that you need

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Featured Listings in Meadow Vista

10 Credit Do's & Don't to Remember Prior to Getting a Mortgage Loan

By Toni Ryan, First Priority Financial

How can a fully approved loan get denied for funding after the borrower has signed loan docs? Simple, the underwriter pulls an updated credit report to verify that there hasn't been any new activity since original approval was issued, and the new findings kill the loan.
This generally won't happen in a 30 day time-frame, but borrowers should anticipate a new credit report being pulled if the time from an original credit report to funding is more than 60 days.
Purchase transactions involving short sales or foreclosures tend to drag on for several months, so this approval / denial scenario is common.
It's can be an ugly cycle where by the buyer receives an approval and thinks everything is OK so they make a credit impacting decision (buys new car, furniture, runs up credit card balance).
The lender's Funder pulls new credit report right before they fund the loan to check for changes. The Funder sees the new credit or larger balances and denies the loan.
In the hopes of stemming the senseless slaughter of perfectly acceptable loan approvals, check the “Ten Credit Do's and Don'ts” List below to help ensure a smoother loan process. These tips don't encompass everything a borrower can do prior to and after the Loan Pre-Approval process, however they're a good representation of the things that will most likely help or hurt an approval.

1. DO continue making your mortgage or rent payments
2. DO stay current on all accounts
3. DON'T make a major purchase (car, boat, big-screen TV, etc…)
4. DON'T buy any furniture
5. DON'T open a new credit card
6. DON'T close any credit card accounts
7. DON'T open a new cell phone account
8. DON'T consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 cards
9. DON'T pay off collections
10. DON'T take out a new loan

Follow these Do's and Don'ts for a smoother mortgage approval and funding process.
Just remember this simple tip: Wait until AFTER the loan closes for any major purchases, loans, consolidations, and new accounts and always consult your loan professional for advice before you make any changes.

Want More Email Subscribers?

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

"You need to grow your database!" Just about every marketing pro will tell you that your list of emails - past customers and leads included - is your key to growing your business and establishing more passive income
How do you get more emails/people into your database? As we review websites, we notice that most small businesses offer a way to stay connected...and usually its an offer to "Join our newsletter."
When we ask businesses what their "subscribe" rate is - it's usually about 10% (1 out of 10 web visitors) - but what if you could increase that to 30%? Would that benefit your business? YES! Of course!
The problem is the term "newsletter." It's vague and frankly, past experience shows they can be boring. Newsletters can be anything which means the implied value is LOW. You need to make the offer to subscribe irresistible. How? By being specific!
For example...which would you subscribe to?
• Subscribe to the latest techniques to improve your skin
• Subscribe to DIY Car maintenance tips
• Subscribe to free offers from us plus resources
• Subscribe to win a free [Insert something cool] from us
• Subscribe to our newsletter
Odds are, the last one was low on the totem pole of desire. The other options will get more subscribers because they provide a higher and specific level of value. If you want to get more subscribers from your website...don't offer a newsletter - offer something irresistible!

Reviving Love in a Relationship

By Sonika Tinker, MSW & Christian Pedersen, CLC, LoveWorks Relationship Help

Love gives. And this is no more obvious than at the beginning of relationship. When in love, we are generous with our giving. We bestow upon our beloved an abundance of touch and attention. We offer gifts and love notes and phone calls. We make love for hours. We listen to each other with great rapture and divulge all of our secrets. We make delicious meals for each other and delight over the sharing of food together. We fix things that are broken when we know it will bring relief or joy. We are willing to go out of our way for each other. We can't wait to show and express our love.
When newly in love, we mistakenly believe it is the OTHER who makes us feel this blissfully charged with love and generosity. We do not see that it is the act of loving itself that produces such joy!
We LOVE to give! It is where we are at our best. It is where we are the most connected. It is where we are the most expansive. In truth, it is who we ARE to give to another. As relationship proceeds, we give less and less. We don't see it, but we begin to focus more on getting than giving.
It begins when our partner doesn't do what we expect or want. We feel hurt, disappointed, angry, afraid or sad. Old wounds resurface. We don't want to feel the pain so we close ourselves off from our feelings. Unfortunately, when we close ourselves off from our feelings, we close off our love too.
In our confusion, we think the path to feeling love again is to change our partner. We have to get him or her to quit doing that thing that hurts. So we focus on trying to GET our partner to change, to meet our expectations. In a word, we try to GET them to give to us. We try to GET them to keep their agreements, to commit, to help around the house more, to make love with us for hours, to listen to us, to show their love to us like they used to.
Our partner is doing the same to us. Trying to GET us to give to them. Unfortunately, no one is giving. Both of us are trying to GET. In trying to GET, the flow of love is cut off. Generosity ceases. And we feel terrible when we are not abundantly giving to those we love. We have inadvertently disconnected ourselves from our hearts, from who we really are. And it is this disconnection from love that kills us. It is this disconnection from love that kills the relationship.
We mistakenly believe we have fallen out of love because of our partner's unwillingness to give. If only he or she would have (fill in the blank), then I would still be in love. But it is actually our own unwillingness to give, our own focus on trying to GET that has taken us out of love…Many of us leave our partners in search of another, and repeat the process over and over again. We don't see that GIVING and RECEIVING is at the heart of feeling this blissful state of love. So take note. One of the fastest ways back to love is to give again. Give Fast. Give Freely. Give Frequently. Give what YOU want to receive.
Kahil Gibran said this: Generosity is not giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is giving me that which you need more than I do.

Recipe: Crunchy Baked Chicken Tenders

Meadow Vista Community Center Update April 2014

Distressed Housing Market Shrinks Dramatically

Provided by Fred Eichenhofer, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

Vastly improved home prices over the past five years have changed the landscape of California’s distressed housing market, which is now just a fraction of what it was during the Great Recession, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) said today.
In January 2009, 69.5 percent of all homes sold in California were distressed, which includes short sales and real estate-owned (REOs) properties. Five years later, that figure has shrunk to 15.6 percent.  More specifically, REOs comprised 60 percent of all sales in January 2009, while short sales made up 9.1 percent of all sales but rose to as high as 25.6 percent in January 2012. Short sales currently make up 9.2 percent of all sales.
During the same time period, California’s median home price has soared more than 64 percent from $249,960 in January 2009 to $410,990 in January 2014.
“The dramatic drop in the share of distressed sales throughout the state reflects a market that is fully transitioning from the housing downturn,” said C.A.R. President Kevin Brown.  “Significant home price appreciation over the past five years has lifted the market value of many underwater homes, and as a result, many homeowners have gained significant equity in their homes, resulting in fewer short sales and foreclosures.”
The statewide share of equity sales hit a high of 86.4 percent in November 2013 and has been above 80 percent for the past seven months.
In some of the hardest hit California counties, the distressed market in January 2009 was 93.6 percent in Stanislaus County, 93 percent in San Joaquin County, 89.5 percent in San Benito County, 86.1 percent in Kern County, 85.6 percent in Sacramento County, 84.2 percent in Fresno County, and 83.6 percent in Monterey County.  The distressed market now has shrunk to 24.8 percent in Stanislaus,  25.1 percent in San Joaquin, 17.5 percent in San Benito, 18.4 percent in Kern, 19.9 percent in Sacramento, 26.3 percent in Fresno, and 16.9 percent in Monterey counties.
Of the reporting counties, San Luis Obispo, Orange, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties held the lowest share of distressed sales in January 2014 at 10.2 percent, 9.5 percent, 7.7 percent, and 6.8 percent, respectively.
Find this article at:  California Association Realtors Web Site.

Your Teeth Can Last Forever!!

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS, Winning With Smiles

Sure!!  No way! Really?  So just think about it. We have jaws full of teeth from Neanderthal Man, and from Cro-Magnon Man, and countless other pre-historic cultures. Perfect teeth with no cavities that are thousands of years old. So ... Why does modern man suffer cavities that destroy teeth in a matter of a few years?  Why, as a children's dentist, do I see teeth totally destroyed, disintegrated, in as little as 2 years?
Are you aware that cavities were not an issue for the average man until about 250 to 300 years ago? Towns and villages didn't need a dentist because average folks didn't get cavities. Interesting?
But wait. There are archeological findings of jewels being used to fill cavities in king's and pharaoh's teeth. Indeed. Pharaohs had cavities and they had a dentist in the royal court. And why?  Because they also had the money to import sugar with their spice. So pharaohs and kings paid the price for their indulgences, both financially and in the discomfort of dental disease and the rudimentary level of dental science. Ouch!
So, a few hundred years ago world shipping technology and capacity made sugar easily available in the commercial world and the price came down. Common citizens could afford the sugar and white flour that previously was available only to the elite class. Alas! Cavities arrived as a scourge for the average person. The profession of dentistry for the whole "civilized" population emerged.
An interesting story today. In the spring 2013 I was in Argentina doing volunteer dental work in a remote area. When we arrived we did dental work for the people in the town that held the Catholic Mission, our host. In 2 days, along with the many fillings we did, we removed nearly 200 abscessed teeth. The next few days we traveled to remote church sites an hour away on dirt roads. There we did mostly small conservative fillings, very few extractions and scores of examinations for people with beautiful smiles and no cavities. The difference?  The town folk have easy access to sweets, refined foods and sweet beverages. The folk at the remote areas ate the foods they grew themselves!  REAL FOOD. REAL TEETH. NO CAVITIES!
Are you aware?  Average USA per capita consumption of sugar, sucrose and fructose (not including honey, maple syrup), rose 160% from 1967 to 2007.  Is it any wonder the declining cavity rate of the mid 20th century changed dramatically and by the mid 1980's was rising drastically?  The rate of cavities per child has risen 30% every 10 years for the last 30 years. It is still rising at this alarming rate.
Are you willing to look at what you are doing for dental health?  Would you like your child's  teeth to be perfect for several thousand years?  I have no cavities thanks to good diet and habit guidance by my parents. I have 3 children and a grand child with no cavities. Make a healthy choice for your children.

70th Anniversary of the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

Submitted by Catherine Williams, MVFN Vice President

On January 7, 1944, Mrs. Irene Ross, called together a small group of neighborhood ladies to meet in the old one-room schoolhouse and suggested starting a club that became The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club with the motto “Local People Helping Local People”. The first officers were Mrs. Jean Wegmann, Mrs. Jean Keiler, Miss Madge Harding and Mrs. Elizabeth Camenisch    The schoolhouse was formerly located right where the Placer Hills Fire Department now stands in Meadow Vista.  The Club's first project was to help improve conditions in the little schoolhouse, which had only 14 pupils by washing tin drinking cups, install window screens, install cheerful curtains, and purchase indoor games. Over the years the club grew and has been involved in many community projects  always there to help someone in their time of need.  To accomplish all these projects, the club held many fundraisers such as box socials, armature shows, dinners, sold snow cones and cup cakes to name a few .
When the Christmas Food and Toy Basket Program first started back in the early 1950's, there were only seven families in need of help.  Over the past few years, the numbers have grown to at least 120 families. A few of our current fun-filled and rewarding activities include:
• Christmas Food and Toy Basket Program/Shoe Gift Cards
• Help Sponsor Free Water Safety & Swim Classes (Jun 13, Jul 17 & Aug 6)
• Help prepare Mothers Day Flowers for Lions Club Breakfast
• Help Applegate Food Closet
• Booth at Pioneer Day
• Help with Skeet Reese's Kids Fishing Day, M.V. Pond
• Christmas Basket Fundraiser Pancake Breakfast in November
• Emergency Assistance When Needed
• Spring Lunch Bag Project
The Club meets at the Meadow Vista Grange Hall on the 4th Wednesday of the month, 11:30 a.m., Social Time/Delicious Luncheon/Speaker/General Meeting. For information call:  530-878-6117, 637-5359