Friday, December 8, 2017

2017 Christmas in the Village Map

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Date: Saturday, December 9th, 2017
Location: Downtown participating merchants
Time: 4-6pm (Santa arrives at dusk)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas in the Village and Other Holiday Events 2017

Fun for the family  light displays, crafts, tree lightings, caroling, bonfires and more..

• Christmas in the Village - Meadow Vista. -  Dec. 10th   Enjoy a scavenger hunt for goodies from 4 to 6 pm with the businesses in downtown Meadow Vista.  Santa arrives in the lot next to the Post Office at 6:30 pm and the bon fire is lit while children express wishes to jolly St. Nick.

• Festival of Lights Parade  - Sat. Dec. 3 at 5:30pm in downtown Auburn

• Old Town Auburn Country Christmas - Sat. Dec. 10 and 17th from 5 to 9 pm  crafts, food and fun.

• Grass Valley Cornish Christmas - Friday nights beginning Nov. 25th thru Dec. 23rd - Enjoy the traditions of the earlier immigrants to this area from 6-9 pm

• Nevada City Victorian Christmas - Wednesdays Dec. 14 & 21 from 5-9pm and Sundays Dec 4, 11 & 18 from 1:30-6pm -  Enjoy turn of the century theme with costumed merchants, caroling and much more. Visit for more info.

• Sacramento Region - Check out the website for light displays in the surrounding area, then map your route and have fun.  The site adds new locations daily.

Improving Meadow Vista Town Safety

By Heather Wingo,

As residents of Meadow Vista, we do value our small town lifestyle with beautiful surroundings and safe neighborhoods. However, we have now formed a local committee to address a rising concern over increased traffic-related problems and accidents. We have watched with concern the many complaints about reckless driving, accidents and near-misses, frequent loss of wildlife due to speeders, and pedestrian hazards. We have decided to do something about it but we need your help.

In addition to working with our local Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and the local Sheriff and CHP, we will also work with area businesses to share safe practices with their employees.
But, please, slow down Meadow Vista for your safety and ours! Posted speed limit is 25 mph. A recent survey shows over 46% of drivers exceed this speed.

How can you help? Join our monthly meetings to learn about our effort and participate. You can join our mailing list for updates- email us at We send out a monthly newsletter where you can learn about the events and projects we are doing.

Credit Management During the Holidays

By Toni Ryan, Synergy One Lending

Holiday shopping is fun (and stressful) at best but if planned well, it will not affect your credit score.
Below are some important reminders when spending during the holiday season:

Tip #1 - Don't sign up for new credit unless the savings is substantial. Many stores promote 0% interest on a purchase if you sign up for their credit card. This application will result in a credit inquiry which can affect your score negatively – do not add new credit unless the savings is substantial.

Tip #2 - Do not put all your purchases on one credit card – Unless you plan to pay off the balance when the payment is due, charging more than 35% of the total credit allowed, can lower your credit score significantly.

Tip #3 - Always pay at least $5 more than your minimum monthly payment each month. If you cannot pay down your balance, always pay a little more.  This action, although it seems minor, can actually improve your credit score. Credit ratings are based, in part, on behavior patterns. A person who pays more than the minimum payment is less likely to pay late or overcharge.

These are simple actions that help to keep you in control of your credit and thoughtful of your spending.
Wishing you all the joy the Holiday Season can bring!

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Fundraising 2017

By Cathy Williams, Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

Winter is fast approaching and the Friendly Neighbors Club is in full swing with fund raising events that support our annual Christmas Basket and Toy Program, which is the club's major project. 
With the generous help of the Meadow Vista Lion's Club, the Pancake Breakfast, held on November 4th at Placer Hills School was a great success!  Despite the inclement weather, the Lions cooked eggs to order, pancakes and sausage.  More than 85 members of the Meadow Vista community braved the rain and enjoyed the breakfast!  Thank you Lions for your continuing support of the Friendly Neighbors!
Harjinder Kaur and Gurcharan “Bill” Singh of the Meadow Vista Mountain Mike's Pizza  hosted a Family Pizza Night on Friday, November 10th.  A portion of the sale of pizzas was donated to the Friendly Neighbors Club in support of the Christmas Basket and Toy Program.  When I walked into the restaurant at 6:05 in the evening, the whole restaurant was packed with patrons all enjoying pizzas!  A wonderful turn-out!  Again, thank you to our community and Harajinder and Bill for their continued support!
Mark your calendar for late afternoon and early evening on December 15th (Friday) to assist with the packing of the Christmas Baskets at Sierra Hills School.  It's a great way to give back to the community and very much appreciated!
      Luncheon meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Faith Luthern Church on Combie Road in Meadow Vista .  New members and guests are welcome.  There is no charge for the luncheon.  For further information contact Cathy Williams at 878-6843 or Gerry Hinkle at 878-6117.  Additional information can be found at our new website:  Our mailing address is  P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, California  95722.  We are a non-profit organization.

Meadow Vista Community Center Adult Classes in January 2018

Meadow Vista is fortunate to have six adult education classes offered in January,  February and March at the Community Center.  Use to sign up. See the details below:

iPhone Level 1 - Beginner
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Designed for new users or to refresh your understanding of your iPhone with the new IOS communication features. Get a detailed view (or review) of how to use contacts, calendar, email, and texting. Get an introduction to additional phone uses with settings, web surfing, and the use of Siri. 
Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista1/25/18 - 2/8/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011300                                $44

iPhone Level 2 - Intermediate
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Take a deeper look at the iPhone's features. Learning to use some of the hidden features can make daily use more user-friendly. Get a detailed review of Camera, Photos, App store, iTunes, iCloud, To Do List, Notes, and Email. Increase your knowledge and begin using these great features to your advantage.                  
Prerequisite: iPhone Level 1 or equivalent experience. Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista2/15/18 - 3/1/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011400                                $44

iPhone Level 3 - Advanced
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction)Once you have a basic understanding of your iPhone and its primary functions, go a layer deeper and learn some tips, tricks, and shortcuts. Learn about advanced features to empower your daily iPhone interaction. Customize your settings to perform based on your specific needs throughout your day.                                                                  
 Prerequisite: iPhone Level 2 or equivalent experience. Please bring your fully charged iPhone and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista3/8/18 - 3/22/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6011500                                $44

Mastering the iPad Level 1
3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) Apple's iPad has been spectacularly popular among PC and Mac users alike. Learn through hands-on instruction how to set up and run your iPad for both home and business use. We will cover the built-in apps Apple provides for communication, productivity, and entertainment. Learn how to synchronize your information seamlessly across multiples devices - including your desktop computer. Harness the power of the most elegant tablet on the market today! Book included.
Please bring your fully charged iPad and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista1/25/18 - 2/8/18               Thursday
10:30am - 12:30pm         Skip Doughty
6010700                                $44
Mastering the iPad Level 2 3 Sessions (6 hours of instruction) The primary apps included with iOS(operating system) on the iPad are handy to know for the best use of the device.  We'll take a closer look at Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Videos, iTunes, and the App Store.  Additional features will be covered and explained as to how they relate to the primary iPad Apps that you use on a daily basis.  Explore Settings to help customize your iPad to your specific needs.  Visual learning, coupled with hands-on use of your iPad will take you to the next level.
Prerequisites: Apple ID and password required, iPad Level 1 and your book from iPad Level 1.  Please bring your fully charged iPad and charger.
Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista
2/15/18 - 3/1/18               Thursday
10:30am - 12:30pm         Skip Doughty
6011700                                $44

iPhone and iPad Tips and Tricks
2 Sessions (4 hours of instruction) Great for new or experienced iPhone users! It never hurts to stay current with the i0S, Apps, and the latest updates when you use your iPhone every day. This class is designed to provide visuals as well as hands-on learning. Come learn how to make the most of your iPhone.                                                                               
Please bring your fully charged iPhone/iPad and charger.

Meadow Vista Community Center Broadwell Rm. 1101 Meadow Vista Rd. Mdw.Vista
4/5/18 - 4/12/18               Thursday
8:00am - 10:00am            Skip Doughty
6022201                                $32

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

By Meadow Vista Community Center

Investing for Growth

By Natalie Litchfield, Financial Advisor, IFC Insurance

You’ve worked hard and saved your money, now all you want is for your hard earned cash to start working for you. While we all want our investments to grow the ultimate goal may be different for each person. Some may want to protect their savings while taking little to no risk. While others want to make sure their investments keep growing even if that means they take on a little more risk to do so. Regardless of your specific goals here are 3 tips that will help you make wise decisions when investing.
What have you done for me lately? While this is what most people look at when choosing an investment; it is actually the potential for growth that is more important. It grew twice as much as anything else last year you say? I think I will pass. Look for quality investments and buy them when they are are on sale or undervalued. Hard to find in this market environment but there are still some out there, keep looking.
How far is the fall? All investments include some risk. Whether it is the risk of loss, volatility or liquidity make sure you are aware and comfortable with the level of risk. Even cash has inflation risk. The risk that it won’t keep pace with inflation and will have less buying power in the future.
Oops, I didn’t see that coming. Focus on what you can control. You can’t control politics, new laws or the economy. But you can control how much you spend, save and the quality of the investments you hold.
Do you have that one friend or family member who always seem to have the good stock pick or investment idea that is sure to make millions? Remember this; the most successful investors made their money the long way, on a good quality, well diversified portfolio they held for the long-term.

Natalie Litchfield and her firm IFC are State Registered Investment Advisors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This is not a solicitation for the sale of securities.

How to Have a Successful Home Buying Experience

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

You've made the excited decision to buy a home – now you want to make sure the process is successful and rewarding.  If you're like every other first-time buyer, the moment you decide to seriously look for a home, you'll be energized, if not consumed, by the process.  You'll want to do everything in your power to find the right home fast! 
Realtors across the country say that the most important thing you as a buyer can do is BE HONEST about what you really want in a home and what you actually need. Most buyers think they're being honest, but they may not turn their vision into usable information for their agent.  You can say you NEED a 4 bedroom house, but if you don't tell your agent that you need the 4th bedroom for an office, you're not being as helpful as you could be.  Why?  A house may have other spaces for an office – such as a 3rd floor attic that offers privacy – but they may not meet the official definition of a bedroom, so you miss out on a perfect home. 

Follow these other tips for a helpful and flawless buying experience:
· First and foremost, chose a local licensed real estate agent that has been referred to you by family, friends and co-workers.  You might want to consider interviewing several agents to make sure the agent's personality and work ethic meet your needs. 
· Have your Realtor refer at least 3 different lenders, if you are not currently working with one.  Interview these lenders just like you interviewed your real estate agents.  Do not start viewing homes with your Realtor until you have received a pre-qualification letter from your chosen lender.