Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meadow Vista Community Service Award Nominations - 2015

Meadow Vista MAC – 2015 Community Service Award

The Meadow Vista Community is blessed with many selfless, generous, and kind individuals who through their personal efforts, make life better for us all. Each year, Meadow Vista recognizes one of these individuals with The Community Service Award. Nominations are now being accepted for the 19th annual award. Nomination forms are available at Meadow Vista merchants or online at Nomination forms must be received no later than May 1, 2015. Completed forms should be mailed to:

Gil Jaramillo, P. O. Box 507, Meadow Vista, CA 95722

Guidelines for selection of the recipient include the following:
  • Service to the community has been diversified
  • Service has been outside of and beyond the nominee’s employment or business activities
  • Service has been over a number of years
  • Nominee has shown a deep concern for the well-being of others
  • Nominee has been an inspiration to others

This year’s award will be presented to the recipient during the Meadow Vista MAC meeting at Winchester Country Club. Reception will follow the meeting on June 3rd. The honoree will be invited to ride in the Pioneer Day Parade, Sunday, June 7, 2015. A tree will be planted in Meadow Vista Park in the recipient’s honor.

Click the image below to view a larger version of the nomination form.

Does Home Refinancing Make Sense for You?

By Toni Ryan, Princeton Capital

Refinancing a home mortgage is a big decision. Your situation and needs change so should your mortgage. Current market conditions have brought low rates and increasing home values so the time to evaluate your options is here.

If you have an FHA mortgage, which you entered into before January 2015, then you may want to take advantage of a new reduction in the mortgage insurance premium. This has opened the door to refinancing your mortgage using a streamline option which can allow a reduction with no appraisal or income qualification. Some restriction apply but the reduction can save you money on your monthly payment.

How do you decide if refinancing makes sense for you? Ask yourself these questions:
•  Are you in an adjustable rate mortgage?
• Do you have mortgage insurance added to your monthly payment?
• Are the current mortgage rates at least .75 to 1% lower than your current rate?
• Do you need cash out for other financial opportunities or to pay debt?
• Does the cost of refinancing divided by the monthly payment savings equate to a reasonable term for recapturing your fees?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you may want to explore refinancing and the savings that may apply to your specific circumstances. A mortgage professional can find the right refinancing solutions for you.

Why do Customers Lie? How to Get them to Buy Instead

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

Customers....we love 'em right? We're in business to deal with customers and clients (no customers = no business) but sometimes it can be frustrating figuring out exactly what they want. And just when we think we have our customers nailed down...they still don't buy! What's the deal?

Problem: Customers...Lie!
Without sounding too harsh, ask a customer about pricing, competition, satisfaction and what they tell probably not true. Why? As humans, we don't like confrontation and your customer is no different. Put someone on the spot and they are likely to give you the answer you want to hear. Most customers don't want to admit that your product is too expensive or that they like your competitor better or that your specials are on the products they don't need.  They won't say a word but they also won't buy or renew or upgrade. So what do we do?

•  Solution: Coach Your Staff (and Yourself) to Ask & LISTEN
We all know that when someone asks you, "how are you doing today?" - it's usually not an invitation to spill the beans on all of your problems. If you want to get real customer feedback, you need to ask the right questions - questions that require more than one word answers and invite honesty.  

  • Have you tried this product before? Is there anything you would suggest to improve it?
  • We've had some issues come up regarding [insert product or service] - what has your experience been? Any suggestions?
  • I've heard that other companies offer [different product, service or guarantee] - does that kind of option influence your choice to buy?
  • What is your #1 frustration with the [insert your industry]?

Why it Works: Quantity = Trends = The Truth!
The more people you talk to, the more you're likely to notice a pattern. This truthful feedback can be used to increase your sales and conversion. Customers might not always be "right" but if you take the time to listen - they do have the "answers" you need.

Reducing Hypertension

By Richard Peatman, Pharm. D., Meadow Vista Pharmacy

High blood pressure means your heart is working overtime. Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure not only raises the risk of heart disease, it also increases risks to your arteries, brain, kidneys, and eyes.   Blood pressure measurements give you two readings: the top number is the pressure in your arteries when your heart pumps blood. The bottom number is the pressure in arteries between beats.
  If you don't know what your blood pressure is, it's time to find out. High blood pressure can be a silent killer.  Some reasons for hypertension are out of your control, such as age and family history.  In some cases, certain medications can raise blood pressure such as ibuprofen. Often, your health care provider may not be able to determine the exact cause but making lifestyle changes can make a big difference.  Here are some things you can do:
• Lose weight. Even 5 to 10 pounds can make a difference in blood pressure. Studies have also found that belly fat may be the kind that's most likely linked to high blood pressure.
• Exercise. Try to exercise 30 to 60 minutes four or more days of the week. You may see a change in your numbers within just a few weeks.
• Proper Diet. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Go easy with foods high in saturated fats and cholesterol.
• Limit salt, alcohol, and caffeine. Read food labels, eat fewer processed foods, and don't add salt to your food. Track your habits so you can see exactly how much alcohol and caffeine you drink each week.
• Stop smoking. Smoking can be a tough habit to kick. If that's true for you, get help to quit for good. And, remember: Even second-hand smoke isn't harmless.
• Relaxation. Stress can temporarily boost your blood pressure. You know better than anyone what helps you relax. Try to build that into your daily (or weekly) routine.
If your doctor gives you medication for high blood pressure, take it exactly as prescribed.  Be patient as it can take a while to get results. You may also need to try more than one medicine.  The good news is that there are many safe and effective medications available for controlling hypertension.  You can't feel blood pressure, so there's only one way to know medicine or a lifestyle change is working.  Consider buying a blood pressure cuff so that you can regularly check your pressure.  Educating yourself on hypertension is a smart thing to do.  For more information on hypertension, heart healthy meal recipes and lifestyle tips, go online to the American Heart Association at

Contagious Cavities?

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS, Winning with Smiles

Most people recognize that cavity problems seem to run in families. Research has definitely demonstrated the bacteria that cause cavities are contagious and we usually get ours from our caretakers when we are infants and first growing teeth. Immediate and inexpensive, or even free things people can do are:

1. Become a truly effective tooth brusher. Use disclosing tools (tablets, solutions, or kitchen food color) to show you the bacteria. Then teach yourself how to thoroughly clean your teeth. Check yourself every couple weeks until you are confident you have figured it out.

2. Become a flosser. Getting the bacteria out each day will reduce the cavity causing bacteria significantly over time and improve the odds for your baby.

3. Choose gum and mints with Xylitol as the first ingredient and preferably the only sweetener. Xylitol inhibits the acid producing capacity of cavity causing bacteria. That helps you. By doing this it also reduces survival of these bacteria, leading to fewer of these type bacteria in your saliva.

4. Stop sipping sodas and sweetened beverages between meals. Even the diet drinks which don't have sugar to feed bacteria do have high acid levels and cavity causing bacteria thrive in an acid environment.

5. Don't rinse the toothpaste off after you brush. Just spit. Giving the fluoride in that residual toothpaste taste more time will make stronger enamel faster. If you have unfilled cavities it will also be more effective in those holes resisting the growth of the cavities.
Caretakers with clean mouths and good oral health practices pass on fewer detrimental bacteria to their babies.  Good oral health for your baby begins long before your baby has teeth.

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

Meadow Vista Lions Club: 2015 Mother's Day Breakfast

Submitted by Etta Gross, Meadow Vista Lions Secretary

Thank you to those that attended our 2015 41st Crab Feed. Your support allows us to continue with our many community events. Meadow Vista Area Lions Club upcoming events are:

  • Mother's Day Breakfast at Sierra Hills School on Sunday, May 10, 2015, starting time is 7:30 a.m.  All Moms are FREE!
  • Pioneer Day is Sunday, June 7, 2015, Lions will be cooking breakfast at Placer Hills Campus Cafeteria. Starting  time to be announced at a later date.  
  • Welcome to all types of vehicles to participate in the annual Car Show, Meadow Vista Park, Saturday, June 20, 2015 starting at 7 a.m. entry fee $25 or $20 with donated eye glasses.  Vendors welcome, contact Greg Gross at (530) 637-5359 for more information. 

Come to a Lion's meeting at the Meadow Vista Grange Hall on the second and fourth Wednesday at 7 pm. Questions - Please contact Lion Club President Ron Carmichael at (530) 637-5805 or visit our website at for information and calendar of events.