Monday, October 29, 2012

Meadow Vista Halloween Trick or Treat Trail

The Meadow Vista Merchants Trick or Treat Trail will be held in downtown Meadow Vista on Wednesday, October 31st from 3pm to 6pm. Children & Adults can visit the participating downtown merchants displaying this poster for a treat.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trick or Treat Trail 2012 in Meadow Vista

The Meadow Vista Merchants Trick or Treat Trail will be held in downtown Meadow Vista on Wednesday, October 31st from 3pm to 6pm. Children & Adults can visit the participating downtown merchants displaying a pumpkin poster for a treat.

Kiwi's Shark Hunt Game Answers

Game Answers:
Bat - pg 4
Candy Corn - pg 15
Black Cat - pg 6
Cauldron - Back Cover
Pumpkin - pg 9
Skull - pg 3
Spider - pg 10
Shark - pg 14

5 Ways to Recession Proof Your Holiday

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

Worried about funding your holidays because of the recession? Thinking about cutting back? While saving for the rainy day might be smart in a tough economy, it definitely doesn't make for a fun holiday season. Therefore, it's important to take action now and learn how to recession proof your holidays so you can enjoy them.
Tip #1  Potluck your holiday meals - When getting together with family, friends or co-workers for holiday meals and parties, don't take on the burden of paying for the entire meal. Let your guests bring their favorite holiday dish. Make it fun by having a contest or making it a recipe swap.
Tip #2  Raid the Local Dollar Store or Goodwill - You will be surprised by the kinds of holiday items they sell including wrapping paper, wreaths, ornaments, table runners and stocking stuffers. These small items can really add at major retailers so saving here can allow you to spend more on bigger presents for your loved ones.
Tip #3  Cash in those Coupons - Stores like Safeway and Walgreens are really into giving out coupons that are based on your shopping habits. These could be printed on the bottom of your receipt or emailed to you so be sure to look before you shred. Stock up on dry goods as they go on sale ahead of time to spread out the expense of holiday meals and treats.
Tip #4  Budget now, Enjoy later - Figure out what you plan on spending for gifts, parties and events now and figure out how much you need to save between now and then. Use this extra time to cut back on Starbucks trips, lunch outings, movies or excess purchases. The you save by cutting a few things over the next few weeks will add up and feel less like a sacrifice.
Tip #5   Sell your junk on eBay - Ebay is like a garage sale that reaches every corner of the earth  someone might want your stuff! This is the perfect time to get rid of that stuff you keep but never use. You'll get the best bang for your buck if you do a little research to see if people are looking for your particular items by searching eBay. All the money you make can go towards funding your holidays or paying the credit card bills.
Bonus Tip   Focus on the Positive of the Holidays - Whatever you do, don’t focus all of your thoughts on the negativity of the recession. Doing so will cause you needless worry and self sabotage. Approach any money saving efforts with a light heart. If you take them too seriously, it will make it feel like a “dreaded” chore. Spend time talking with your family and visualizing a happy holiday season so that everyone is working together. Prepare your kids and family members if there are gifts or parties you won’t be able to participate in or make it a group goal to save now to be able to enjoy later. Good Luck (You can do it!)

The Switchback Challenge Race 2012

The Switchback Challenge race will be taking place on Saturday, October 13, 2012 with all proceeds going towards the Meadow Vista Community Center. Event registration is at 7:00 am and race time begins at 9:00 am. at the parking lot of the Foothill Christian Fellowship on Surgarpine Road just off of Placer Hills Road. This year’s race is designed to coincide with the Oktoberfest taking place in downtown Meadow Vista that evening.

With challenges being issued to the CHP Team winners of last year’s Silver Cup Trophy, Placer High School Cross Country Team believes they will relive the law enforcement agency of the coveted award. Cheerleaders from Bear River High School have allegedly challenged the Cheer team from Colfax and rumors continue to stir the foothills with challenges being issued daily to various law enforcement teams and athletic teams, including Colfax Varsity Football Players, as the excitement builds.

“This course is my favorite training run. Think of it as a 10K on steroids, clearly brutal if you race it but pleasant and remarkably scenic if you take your time,” said Dr. Gordon Ainsleigh DC, age 64, Founder of the Western States 100 mile run.
The course is nestled in the Sierra Foothills, featuring 6.6 miles of a variety of topography ranging from gently rolling hills to 3 steep hills. The race course itself has been set up to be 100% trail course with the exception of the first and last 200 meters. In a unique twist, event organizer's are changing the direction of the run to be in the clockwise direction.

On-line registration is encouraged with categories for Adult Run/Walk, Under 18 Run/Walk and seniors, age 55+, Run/walk. Standard entry does include gender specific Sport Tec or similar athletic short sleeved sport t-shirt, commemorative bib number, finishers ribbon and eligibility for awards. In line with the events credo, taken from Romans, “We rejoice in our suffering knowing that suffering produces endurance and produces character.”
Together let’s get the Meadow Vista Community Center finished that is the result we want to produce! If you would like to donation please make check payable to Switchback Challenge- MVCC, P.O. Box 598, Meadow Vista California 95722. For more information and specific details please visit

The Silver Switchback Challenge Trophy

John Arrabit on Sugar Pine Mountain Trail, Event Organizer and member of last years winning team. Will 2012 be the year that the coveted Trophy will go to another team, say Placer County Sheriff's Department - come out to cheer your team on!

Mortgage Trends: Rates Going Lower?

By Toni Ryan, First Priority Financial

Rates are low and there are many programs to allow homeowners the opportunity to lower their monthly payments and buyers to buy homes.  So that's good right?  Yes, but be prepared to spend some time to get the rate you want especially if you are refinancing.
 You are not alone, many borrowers are trying to accomplish their dream of a rate in the 3+% range  lenders, title companies, appraisers, inspectors, etc are all busy.  It is important to note that the priority is to close the loan for a purchase above the loan for a refinance.  Having said that, many of the low rate lenders are quoting 20 day turnaround  times  that is 20 business days.  The file must be complete and have the finished appraisal to be submitted.  Turn times change daily as the work load changes so be patient.
 The fear is often that rates will increase and one will “miss out”.  Most experts are predicting lower rates or no change in rates until mid 2013.  Often times, files placed in underwriting are seeing lower rates than they would have, if they had locked loans at two to three weeks ago so “time is on their side”.
 It is important to note the trends over the years.  Just like gas prices go up right before Memorial Day and Labor Day, rates go down in the fall and early winter.  The best advice  Now is the time to complete the loan file to be prepared to take advantage of the trends as well as the daily lows that occur each week.  Good things come to those who are patient and observant.

News from Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

It’s that time of year again.  Your Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club (TMVFNC) will be at work on Saturday, November 10, 2012 with a Pancake Breakfast to benefit the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket Program.  The Meadow Vista Lions will be doing the cooking of those delicious pancakes, sausage and eggs.  All proceeds will be used for the Meadow Vista Christmas Baskets.  The surrounding communities of Applegate, Clipper Gap, Christian Valley and Weimar are included with Meadow Vista for this Christmas Basket Program. Donation of cash, canned food or a new toy will be happily accepted at this Pancake Breakfast event.   A suggested amount or value of $5 in exchange for a breakfast plate would be greatly appreciated to support the Meadow Vista Christmas Baskets.   Come visits your neighbor plus help those neighbors that need some assistances during the Christmas holiday.

Here is how the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket program works; families that are in need will complete an application.  Starting in October applications can be picked up at the local post offices and bulletin boards throughout the communities and various other ways.  The completed application is mailed to TMVFNC, P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, CA 95722 to begin registration.  Another way is families in need, or should you know of a family in need, may call Etta Gross at (530) 637.5359 to register for the Christmas Basket Program.

Thanks to the community and Wells Fargo Bank in Meadow Vista, every child signed up will receive a gift to open on Christmas.  This happens by residents selecting an ornament from the basket at Wells Fargo.  The ornament will have the child’s gender and age.  Once you have purchased, wrapped your donation with the ornament attached, please return the package to Wells Fargo Bank in Meadow Vista by December 10, 2012. 

Along with a present for a child there will be food baskets containing items for Christmas Dinner and other donated canned food.  Our goal is to supply enough food to last for two weeks during the Holiday season.  This allows the children in the household food during the school Holiday break.  Cash donations assist us in purchasing large quantities of canned foods, fresh vegetables, and other items to complete Christmas Dinner and fill in where the donated canned foods may need some additional support. 

The assembling of the food baskets will take place at Sierra Hills School auditorium on December 14, 2012 starting at 4:30 p.m.  Please note this is a new start time!  WE invite you to come see how the community works together on helping their neighbors that are having difficulties during the holiday season.  Once you have helped with food box assembling, it really gives you the feeling of what Christmas is ALL about. 

If you would like to financially support the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket Program, check payable to The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club (or TMVFNC) should be mailed to P.O. Box 764, Meadow Vista, CA  95722. 

For more information please contact Etta Gross at (530) 637-5359, or Gerry Hinkle at (530) 878-6117.  

THANK YOU Community for year after year of making this event so SUCCESSFUL!

Oktoberfest 2012 in Meadow Vista

What to Expect from a Massage Session

By Joel Curry, MSW, CMT, Pathways to Health

What happens in a massage session?  You and the practitioner will discuss what you want from the session and this will determine which parts of the body will be the focus of the massage and what form of bodywork will be used.  If basic relaxation and stress relief are the focus of the work, Swedish massage will be employed.  If  you are experiencing pain to the point of discomfort while lying on the massage table, pressure point applications may also be used.

 Swedish, the most prevalent form of bodywork, relaxes muscles, reduces stress and eases minor aches and pains.  It involves broad, flowing strokes and the use of oil, which requires some disrobing. You, as the receiver decide the extent to which you disrobe.  The practitioner will leave the room while you undress. You will be properly draped at all times with a clean sheet or towel. Only the area worked on will be exposed. At the end of the session, the practitioner will again leave the room while you dress.  
 For chronic or acute pain, Acupressure or Shiatsu may be called for and can be incorporated with Swedish massage.  Bowen Therapy may also be used but is not usually combined with other methods. Pressure point work is done to relieve pain or areas of tension. Reflexology is another pressure point system where the feet and hands are worked to stimulate corresponding areas of the body.
Communication is a key in getting what you want from a massage or bodywork session.  Do not hesitate to let your therapists know how you are responding. Throughout either relaxation or pain relief sessions, it is recommended that you give your therapists feedback regarding your response to the work.  If the depth of the work is causing you to tense in response, this can be counterproductive and it  is important that you tell the therapist to ease the pressure. 

PHEF: Press Release

The Placer Hills Education Foundation Grants $91,250 to

the Placer Hills School District!

The Placer Hills Education Foundation (PHEF) is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization that formed six years ago to build support and provide resources to preserve and enrich education in the Placer Hills School District which includes Sierra Hills School, Sierra Hills Arts and Science Charter School in Meadow Vista, Weimar Hills Elementary School and Weimar Hills Arts and Technology Charter School.  The 2011-2012 fundraising season proved to be the best yet.
Each year PHEF holds a dinner auction as their primary fundraiser.  This year the auction raised over $70,000 for the schools!  As part of the auction this year, SunPower© donated a residential solar system to be auctioned off for the schools.  In addition, the foundation was awarded a $5,000 grant from the United Auburn Indian Community to help support library services in the district.  Numerous donations from parents, community members and local businesses raised the total award to the schools to $91,250.  The largest grant PHEF has ever awarded to the Placer Hills Union School District.    In total, PHEF has raised half a million dollars for their school district since 1995!

The money granted to the school district this year will be used to support library services, technology and counseling programs in the district.  In the past, PHEF grants have supported art, music, physical education, field trips, new curriculum, computer software, hardware, art docent, and many other areas of education that most districts have seen suffer in the tight economy.

Meadow Vista Community Center Update

Upcoming Fundraisers to Help During the Holidays

Submitted by Etta Gross for the Meadow Vista Lions Club & Friendly Neighbors

Meadow Vista Lions See's Candies fund raiser will start on Nov. 16, 2012.  We will be in front of Holiday Market on the weekends after Thanksgiving.  Making purchases early allows the opportunity to get your FAVORITE See's Candies!
 You will find the Meadow Vista Area Lions club helping out Santa on Saturday Dec. 8, 2012. Our local Girl Scouts will be assisting Ms. Claus with baking all those tasty and gorgeous cookies.  The Girl Scouts will be serving those cookies too! 
 Your Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club (TMVFNC) will be at work on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 with a Pancake Breakfast to benefit the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket Program.  The Meadow Vista Lions will be cooking delicious pancakes, sausage and eggs. Donations of cash, canned good or a new toy ($5 value) are happily accepted.
 Holiday ornaments will be available at the M.V. Wells Fargo starting in November. Please return your ornament with wrapped gift by Dec. 10th.
 We will assemble the Christmas Food Baskets at Sierra Hills School on Dec. 14 at 4:30pm. We invite you to come out and help. Baskets will be delivered needy families in our community. See an extended version of this article online at for more info.

The Positive Energy of 2012

By Tonya Elliott-Walker, LMFT, University of Phoenix Lead Faculty Area Chair I, Morningstar Counseling & Wellness Center

There has been so much media attention focused on the doom and gloom of 2012 and yet it is Fall and we are still here and relatively intact. The Mayan and Hopi prophecies suggest that time will end as we know it. Many people thought this meant that our world was coming to a violent end.  Indeed, there have been natural disasters and difficult economic and political climates, however, our planet still spins. So what did the ancients mean when they said that time would end as we know it?  Perhaps the key phrase here is “as we know it”.
 Maybe what the ancients meant was that our relationship with time would change. Does your life feel as if you are going 90 miles an hour with no way to slow it down? With cell phones, computers and the speed of information, people feel like they are “on” all the time. They are texting or emailing colleagues, family and friends. They have very little down time.  Maybe the ancients understood that our relationship with time would become imbalanced. Just because we have better technology and can accomplish more in less time doesn't mean we should. What about quality of life and relationships? What about our health? We know that stress is the number one common denominator in all major life threatening diseases. Think of the word:  disease. Our global health is a reflection of our consciousness of dis-ease, being ill at ease, or completely stressed out on all levels for way too long. 
 Maybe the ancients knew that there would come a time when we, as a human race, would have to choose to slow down consciously to avoid becoming worker drones living to pay off our credit card debt and slaving at work so that we can support our shopping habits. Maybe they knew that there would have to be a tremendous shift in consciousness as a mass collective to avoid some of the doom and gloom scenarios that are associated with those types of lifestyles that bring dis-ease to ourselves and our planet.  Maybe they understood that we would need to choose to attend to our spiritual values and family values again on a mass level to rebuild the foundation.  Love, connectedness, peace, tolerance, faith, trust; these are the qualities of a sustainable world and the energy that 2012 brings.  A wise spiritual master once told me that just before the attribute manifests the counterfeit shows up to be healed and released. Maybe all of the war and economic crisis and political tension is the counterfeit showing up. Whether we respond in love or fear is the real determiner of our future.

Events: Placer Hills United Methodist Church

Used Book Sale at Meadow Vista Library

The Friends of the Meadow Vista Library Winter Book Sale will be held on Tuesday December 4th from noon until 4 PM and on Wednesday December 5th from 2 to 6 PM at the library, 16981 Placer Hills Road, Meadow Vista.  Great used books to give as holiday gifts, used CD's, VHS tapes, audio books and DVD's will be offered at bargain prices all $1.00 or less.  On Wednesday shoppers may fill a bag with paperback books for only $1.00.
 The Meadow Vista Library is one of the community's jewels.  Years ago, if one wanted a library book, a trip to Auburn's Carnegie Library on Almond Street was required.  As Meadow Vista grew in population the county saw the need for a branch in Meadow Vista, so in 1951 a small library was opened on Placer Hills Road in what is now a real estate office.  Space was limited and circulation low.  In keeping with the community's rural nature, a hitching post provided a place for the children who rode their horses to the library.  This small library closed in 1964.
 In more recent years the county's Book Mobile had scheduled stops in Meadow Vista until the current library opened in December 2002.  The library is located in the lower floor of the Holiday Market.  The library is open Tuesday through Saturday with varying hours of operation. 
 In 2003 the Friends of the Meadow Vista Library, a non-profit fund raising organization, was founded.  This organization solicits gifts of used books from the public and then sponsors twice-yearly book sales in the spring and fall.  Monies raised support library programs such as the summer reading and craft programs and to purchase needed library materials. Contact Virginia Parker 878-7804 for information.

Cavity Germs (Plaque) Finder

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS - Winning With Smiles

Dentist: “Sally, if you were a tasty bug and you were hiding in the grass so a bird would not find you and eat you, what color would you like to be?”

Sally: "Green!"
Dentist: “Exactly! So if you are a cavity causing germ hiding on a tooth, what color would you be?”

Sally: "White?"
Dentist: “Right again!  That makes them invisible on your teeth. So when you brush your teeth, how do you know if you got them clean?”

Sally: "Hmmm. I don't know. I can't see the germs."
Dentist: “Well that is a problem, isn't it?  When we brush our teeth we want to know we got all the germ hiding spots clean. If we could color the germs so we can see them, that would help, right?”

Sally: "Of course!  That is why you use the pink stuff on my teeth at checkups."
Dentist: “Correct.  At every checkup we want to help you see the places you are brushing well and the places your brush is missing. The pink "disclosing" stuff shows the germs for us. Did you know you can do this at home with your kitchen food colors? After you finish a "regular" tooth brushing, use a Q-Tip to paint the red food color over all your teeth. Then lick it all over. Then rinse real well with water and take a look. The clean areas on your teeth will rinse clean and leave the sticky germ "plaque" colored red and pink. Now you can teach yourself how to get those areas clean with your tooth brush. Do that once a week about 4 weeks and you will teach yourself how to be an excellent tooth brusher. For a really gross look, use the green or blue food color!
Sally's mother: "Why doesn't my dentist do this at every checkup for me? They talk about brushing better, but they have never shown me how to teach myself at home."
Dentist: “Good question!”