Monday, April 2, 2018

Local Historians Seeking Meadow Vista Photos

Local historian and former Meadow Vista Volunteer of the Year, George Lay is teaming up with former Colfax High School Publications instructor Rick Brown in preparing a history photo book of Meadow Vista, Clipper Gap and Christian Valley.  Both men are hoping local residents will donation historic photographs and documents to make their goal a reality. 

The pair have been able to form a working relationship with Placer County Archivist Bryanna Ryan who is helping organize files and research the county’s data base. Additionally, she is providing a release form that makes it easy for everyone to submit photos and documents, scan them digitally and return the originals to the owners. 

If residents would like to help out, contact George Lay at 530-878-1927 or

Lay and Brown are looking for well-preserved photos that can be scanned and returned to the owners. Even better, one might submit a photo that has been digitized. Some major topics might include schools, Native Americans, commerce, transportation, celebrations, churches and early families.