Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer is Getting Close...Almost Ready to Swim in the Meadow Vista Pool?

By Michelle Myrenne Wiloughby

Once again, we have a great update on the Meadow Vista Pool! Progress on the remaining upgrades to the facility are currently fully underway. We are looking to have the county sign-off on the project in April, and be open before the end of school year. Please mark your calendars for the Grand Re-opening Party on June 11.
  We've had two community work day, and both were a great success.  Our fearless leaders, Scott Willoughby of SW Design & Build and Jason Stocks of J.R. Stocks Construction led the teams, and thanks to Etta Gross, there was plenty of pizza and refreshments for everyone for both days.  We accomplished a huge amount or demolition, and had a great time hammering, hauling, shoveling and sweeping together. An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help  so many folks went above and beyond the call of duty, and those efforts really paid off.
 The bathrooms are demolished and the old interior paneling has been removed. We will potentially also need to move the interior walls to facilitate the new ADA toilets. The most interesting piece of the project was removing the showers. Not only was it really fun to swing those hammers and finally get that project started, but Work Days MVP Gene Hinkle discovered a small piece of paper with a handwritten pencil drawing of the original plan for the area imbedded in the wall since 1955. We also discovered the most amazingly solid piece of 12”+ deep, 3:1 concrete shower pan any one had ever seen! Over three days it took 5 jackhammers, a concrete saw, and a concrete drill to get it started. Thanks to Carl Moore and his 750lb concrete breaker on a 1,500 lb Bobcat, we were able to finish the job  and the material nearly beat the machine. In the end, the pan was successfully removed and the drain pipes finally exposed. 

  Joe Mumford of Joe Mumford Plumbing and Tom Redfern of TR Plumbing are replumbing the facility, which is a big job, and installing the new ADA compliant fixtures provided by Bret McCord and Cal-Steam. An enormous THANK YOU to all of them, and also many THANKS to Bob Suddjian and Meadow Electric who are addressing and repairing other electrical issues as well as providing great new lighting for the deck and facility, and Mark Barbier and the True Value Hardware team for their donations, for their offer to repaint the facility, and their assistance throughout construction.
 Huge THANKS also to Virginia Dains and the Art 4 Pools project team helping create the amazing tile mural across the entire wall facing the pool. This enormous piece of art will incorporate hand-made tiles created by the community as well as salvaged tiles from the renovation. It will also include the names of all those who have made this project possible, both past and present. The entire mural project will happen over the next year. In the meantime, look for Virginia at our community events and come make some tiles to include in this amazing project!
 Another great way to get involved with the project is equally personal. We are looking for pictures taken at the pool throughout the years. Believe it or not, I have no historic photos of the pool, and I know that with the amount of folks who have told us about their fond memories and experiences, birthday parties, swimming lessons, etc at the pool over decades, there should be a rich archive of our community enjoying this great facility. We would like to incorporate these images into our opening day celebration, and see your memories too!
 Donations are also still being gratefully accepted. All donations will, as always, remain in our local community-held, tax-deductible account. These funds will provide much needed future upgrades including solar heating and power, and to provide scholarships to offset swim-lesson expenses for children in our community. Your support has made the difference for this project, so if you've considered making a donation to our community fund to support the pool, it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy your donations at work in your community!
 Both copies of your photographs and donations can be sent to PO Box 387, Meadow Vista CA 95722, or delivered to Sierra Pacific Real Estate who have been so helpful throughout this project. Please remember to provide a return address so we may send you the tax deductible information for your records. Digital copies of photos and any questions can be sent to
 Again, THANKS TO YOU, our community, for your support, generous contributions, long hours of work, and unending faith in this project. It would not have happened without you!

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