Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Opti-Mom" Health Tips

By Shannon Smith, Stroller Strides

Moms everywhere tend to put themselves on the bottom of the priority list. They are so busy taking care of their families, their homes, their work, and the family dog that their own self care is neglected, to say the least. Well, it's time that Mom puts herself on the top of that list! Let's face it, if Mom doesn't take care of herself, how is she supposed to take care of everyone else? If that's not convincing enough to deserve attention, consider this: What Mom won't do for herself, she will do for her children. Mom must be a role model if her children are to know how to embrace health and wellness. These three easy steps will get Mom moving in the right direction.
    The first step to setting a good example is healthy eating. With the arrival of Spring a larger variety of fruits and vegetables become available. Eating a rainbow of fresh foods is the healthy way to eat! Different colors offer different nutrients. Children will model a mother who eats with health in mind; this benefits both Mom and child.
    The second step to being a good role model is exercise. Exercise doesn't come naturally to most. Taking the time for physical activity revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. If Mom sets the tone in the family that exercise is important, the children will follow along.
    The third step to being a leader worth following is peaceful living. Taking the time to rest and relax is as important as accomplishing work. All work and no play makes Mom a dull woman! Mom needs a time-out regularly in order to recharge her own battery. This is as simple as a soak in a hot tub, a quiet walk around the block, or an afternoon nap.
    When children see Mom choosing to eat healthy foods, taking time to exercise, and practicing a bit of peaceful living, they learn better habits for themselves.  Encouraging opti-MOM health is the greatest gift for Mother's Day!

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