Friday, May 16, 2014

Want More Email Subscribers?

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

"You need to grow your database!" Just about every marketing pro will tell you that your list of emails - past customers and leads included - is your key to growing your business and establishing more passive income
How do you get more emails/people into your database? As we review websites, we notice that most small businesses offer a way to stay connected...and usually its an offer to "Join our newsletter."
When we ask businesses what their "subscribe" rate is - it's usually about 10% (1 out of 10 web visitors) - but what if you could increase that to 30%? Would that benefit your business? YES! Of course!
The problem is the term "newsletter." It's vague and frankly, past experience shows they can be boring. Newsletters can be anything which means the implied value is LOW. You need to make the offer to subscribe irresistible. How? By being specific!
For example...which would you subscribe to?
• Subscribe to the latest techniques to improve your skin
• Subscribe to DIY Car maintenance tips
• Subscribe to free offers from us plus resources
• Subscribe to win a free [Insert something cool] from us
• Subscribe to our newsletter
Odds are, the last one was low on the totem pole of desire. The other options will get more subscribers because they provide a higher and specific level of value. If you want to get more subscribers from your website...don't offer a newsletter - offer something irresistible!

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