Friday, May 23, 2014

MV Community Service Award Recipient: Gerry Hinkle

By Laurie Sweeney, Community Service Award Committee

Gerry Hinkle has been selected as the recipient of the Meadow Vista Community Service Award for 2014.    Gerry Hinkle is a native Meadow Vistan. She was born and raised in Meadow Vista and has been a resident for over 70 years.    Mrs. Hinkle has volunteered her time across many non-profit organizations that service the Meadow Vista community.   Mrs. Hinkle’s mother founded the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors group in 1944.   She has been a volunteer for this organization since her youth.      
As an adult she has served on the board of the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors in most of the officer positions, President, Treasurer, Secretary – some more than once.     Her projects and volunteer activities include:
 · The Holiday Food Basket and Toy Program for local families in need.
·  Annual Pancake Breakfast volunteer which supports the Food Basket Program.
· Assisted with the Meadow Vista Family Movie Night which benefited the Meadow Vista Pool and Community Center.
· Participated as a food server for the Octoberfest event with proceeds going towards the Meadow Vista Community Center.
·  Worked as a volunteer for Pioneer Day, which benefits many local charities and the Fire Department.
· Assisted with Skeet Reese’s Fishing Derby, a fundraiser for the Community Center.
·  Serves Hot Beverages for the Easter Sunrise Service.
· Serves as a consistent volunteer for the Meadow Vista Lions Club's charitable projects.
· Volunteers as a driver for those needing transportation for medical treatment and other services.
  Please join us in congratulating and honoring Gerry Hinkle for her many years of service to the Meadow Vista community.

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