Friday, March 2, 2012

Robert Haslam Riding Freestyle Motorcross

Claim to Fame: Riding Freestyle Motocross for a living and loving every minute of it. Performing at various events all along the west coast throughout the year with Justin Homan of Metal Mulisha.
How I got started: I started riding FMX in my teen years because I had always ridden motorcycles and took a liking to jumping. I rode my first show with some friends from British Columbia Canada and began networking. Shortly after I was given the opportunity to ride an event with Justin Homan and became good friends there after.
Who inspired me most: I always grew up watching top guys in the sport and wanting to do what they did. Homan being a local pro, was a big influence and I had always wanted to meet my idols. Now I am friends or have met a lot.of the guys I still look up to today.
Day in the life: During the week I hold a normal job and on weekends is when I travel to and from events year round. I feel its important to balance everyday life and work in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Current project/training efforts: Currently I am busy year round traveling to various events performing exhibitions for large crowds while trying to balance everyday life. I try to maintain a healthy diet and keep my body in good physical shape to be best prepared for FMX.
Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge for me is trying to find a balance between staying healthy and uninjured while continuing to push my own limits on my bike throughout the year.
Next step/event: My next big event is coming up at the end of March where I will be traveling to the country of Haiti for a three day benefit event for the Luis Palau Organization.
Future/ultimate goal: Future goals would have to be staying healthy for the rest of the year and beyond taking care of my body, to have a longer career and make it onto a bigger known team such as Metal Mulisha. Find Robert Haslam at

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