Friday, March 2, 2012

Resolutions for Success and Goals

By Tonya Elliott-Walker, LMFT, Morningstar Counseling & Wellness Center

So here we are again, it's 2012 and it's the time of year when we make promises to ourselves about all the things we would like to change. What is that you have committed to change for this year? Do you have weight loss goals? Do you have personal relationship goals? Maybe you would like to overcome a bad habit. Or maybe you are a business owner and you have some new goals for your business. How many times have you committed to these particular goals without success? Have you ever wondered if there are any secrets to keeping these New Year's Resolutions? Here are a few tips to keeping your New Year's resolution this year:   
 1. Only make commitments that you are willing and intend to keep. Keeping the commitments that you make to yourself will increase your self-confidence which will increase the likelihood that you will succeed in other goals as well.  2. Play 125%. Most people only give about 50%-80% of the necessary energy to achieve a goal and statistics show that people usually give up right at about the time when they are most likely to succeed. Go as far as you think you can and then streeeeeetch. If you commit to play 125% in this new goal you will not only achieve your outcome you will undoubtedly exceed your own expectations. 

 3. Make sure that your goals are aligned with your values not someone else's. When you make a commitment to make someone else happy, then your success is dependent on someone else's actions. Instead, evaluate your goals and make sure that they are consistent with your values, in this way you are tapping into your internal motivation rather than relying on external motivating factors that you really have no control over. When your goals are aligned with your values you can only be successful.   

 When we set out to achieve an outcome that is new and different from our current reality, we often experience some internal dialogue or mind chatter about all the reasons why we won't be able to achieve it.  This is normal for most folks. The key is having the courage to make a different choice. This year make a choice to have victory over that mind chatter. Remember, if you have made a 125% commitment to a goal that you are aligned with and is consistent with your values then you can only meet with profound success.  So silence that internal mind chatter and recommit to play 125%. Stick with it, have a little faith and your outcome will manifest itself in perfect and divine order.

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