Friday, March 2, 2012

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Thank You

By Etta Gross, Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors

Meadow Vista came through at Christmas with their enormous generous contributions to the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket Program.  It was pleasing to see how many people during the continuing downward slide in the economy were still willing and able to help their struggling neighbor during the Christmas Holidays.  
 The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club would like to say thank you to the following business for their monetary donations to the Meadow Vista Christmas Baskets: The Meadow Law Group LLC, Sierra Pacific Real Estate, Meadow Electric Inc., Meadow Vista Barber Shop, Dr. John A. Oshetski DDS, MSD, Inc.,, Fairgate Car Wash, and Lively Locks & Dead Bolts.   A special Thank You to Placer County Association of Realtors for their assistance with the purchasing of turkeys and chickens for the food baskets.  The MVFN club wants to say Thank You to all those individuals that made monetary donations to the Christmas Basket Program! The MVFN club members want to say thank you to the following for their monetary, canned food and toys contributions:  Placer Hills United Methodist Church, AGAPE Fellowship Methodist Church, Meadow Vista Area Lions Club, Meadow Vista Garden Club, Meadow Vista Grange, and Auburn Rotary.
The Winchester Ladies Golf Club made several families Christmas much brighter this year by their generosity of gifts for families in need.   Thank you Ladies!

Mr. Fred Adam and Ms. Jill Kirkland organization of the canned food drives at Sierra Hills and Weimar Hill Schools were successful this year because of their efforts!  Thank you for your joint venture of contributing over 4,000 cans of food.The Cub/Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H Club, Auburn Recreation District and Winchester residents canned food drives helped the Christmas Food Baskets tremendously.  Thank you!Wells Fargo Bank in Meadow Vista generosity of allowing the ornaments for toys in their bank was greatly appreciated.  Thank you Wells Fargo.  
 For all those volunteers on Friday, December 16 at Sierra Hills School  THANK YOU  without your physical labor of packing the boxes that night, the finishing phase to this project would not have been completed!   
 Thank you to all those who made donations in the cash collection cans and canned food barrels throughout Meadow Vista. The Meadow Vista team effort supplied 138 families with a Christmas Food Basket and 70 Christmas Toy Baskets.
 You all made many smiling faces on Christmas this year!  Thank you for supporting the Meadow Vista Christmas Basket Program.

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