Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Press Release: Quarterly Meetings

Fellow Merchants,

A big thank you to all of you for re-joining our Merchant Association for another year.  You will continue to have your name and company listed on our website and through our Facebook page, which reaches viewers GLOBALLY.  You also continue to have the opportunity to advertise and share your knowledge in our bi-monthly VIEW magazine.  Our organization would be nothing without YOU and we value you as a member.

After discussing the pros and cons of monthly meetings, our budget, and recently low attendance record, your newly elected board would like to announce a change for 2012.  Although monthly meetings have been great for networking, building relationships, laughing over a slice of pizza, and keeping up on MV activities, we will now only meet quarterly, on the second Thursday of February, May, August, and November.  These quarterly meetings will be more in the style of  "board meetings" but all members are welcome to attend.  In place of the monthly meetings you will receive important merchant information, board decisions, and other opportunities via email.  Likewise, if you have any issues, suggestions, or concerns regarding the Merchants Association or this meeting format change please email or call your board members.   It is extremely important to keep your emails up to date with the MVMA secretary: Traci Eichenhofer or myself.  Secondly, read your emails from the merchants and reply!.  There may just be a great business building tip,  speaker, or need that will boom your profits.   Long story short, there is no meeting in March or April.  The next "meeting" is May 10th.     

Many of you were instrumental in helping the MV Pool Project and have great memories of spending time as a family at the park behind the pool.  ARD has opened up their parks for "adoption" by organizations, and we have adopted Placer Hills Park, by the pool.  Right now we have a tentative date of March 24th from 8-12 set for us members to come to the park, "learn" how to maintain it from ARD representatives and get busy sprucing it up.  Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly future sprucing dates will be emailed to you.  A plaque with our name will be erected at the park, showing our organization as the sponsors.  This is a great way for us to give back to our community!

Senator Ted Gaines emailed me wanting to let all of our members know about an ADA Compliance Workshop that he and his wife will be putting on in Rocklin on March 26th from 6-8 pm at the Rocklin Event Center (Main Hall.)  The purpose of this workshop is to educate businesses about state and federal ADA laws and present guidelines to avoid lawsuits for non-compliance.  For more information call 916-783-8232.

Thank you for reading this whole email and being a part of our organization!

Christine Schlittenhart, President
Meadow Vista Merchant Association

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