Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Business Tip: Be 'Easy' to Do Business With

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

It’s spring which means it’s time to evaluate and renew your customer’s love of your products and services. How do you rank...on quality...on professionalism...on easiness? Did you know that people are 50% more likely to buy from a business that is easy to deal with even if it costs more? Here are 3 tips to up your ‘easy’ factor so your customers will choose you over the big guy every time!

• Limit the SPAM filters on your general business email - We all hate junk mail but unfortunately, sometimes legitimate emails fall through the cracks (usually because they are from a new in a new customer). Create a general email - like - and post this on your website and advertising. It may be annoying to sift through the spam but you are less likely to miss the emails you really want.

• Post Contact Info at the Top and Bottom of Your Website - Web visitors move fast and don’t want to have to hunt for ways to get in touch with you. By putting your info in both places, people will have less scrolling to do.

• Create a Professional Voicemail - Hearing the mechanical voice recite, “Please leave a message,” does not instill any kind of confidence in your business’ professionalism. In fact it can make people believe you aren’t a real business. Create a clear and concise message that informs people of your hours or other ways to get connected. “Sorry we missed you! Leave a message or find us online at [insert website] which has a full list of prices & specials!”

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for ideas and ways to make their experience easier.

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