Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Teeth in Children Leads to Bad Grades

By Dr. Scott Thompson, DDS, Winning With Smiles

A recent study at USC and published in the Journal of Public Health verifies that children with poor oral health have, on average, lower grades. They also miss more days of school due to tooth aches and dental appointments. It also pointed out that parents of these students miss more days of work due to the need to care for their children's dental appointments.
One of the tragedies here is to know this is so simple to prevent, though without adequate information, parents find it difficult to accomplish. An early start (age 1) with good instruction will demonstrate to parents how simple it is to give children an excellent start to a lifetime of good oral health. Cavity free, healthy, beautiful smiles.
The most significant challenge facing parents and making difficult the simple task of creating good oral health is the food culture of modern society. It starts as infants when parents wean their children from milk/formula to juice rather than water. Two generations of mis-information have led our culture to believe juice is healthy. In some respects juice is worse.

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