Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meadow Vista Collaboration of the Arts 2013

By Joy Olender, Collaboration of the Arts

The Collaboration of the Arts 2013 is in its fifth year as a Meadow Vista community event and will host their concert and art exhibit on Friday, May 3rd & Sunday, May 5th - opening at 6:30pm. The concert will commence at 7:30pm each evening at Foothill Christian Fellowship at 1100 Sugar Pine Road in Meadow Vista. Young artists, musicians, photographers, dancers, actors integrate the visual arts and performing arts into a unique blend making for an exceptional evening.
The original artwork and photography exhibits are delightful and the music combines classical concepts with plenty of youthful energy and whimsical surprises. The scrumptious hors d'oeuvres are, of course, enjoyed by all! The result of the young people's effort is a delightful and truly unforgettable evening.
In the interest of promoting the arts among young people, The Collaboration of the Arts encourages an active involvement in art and music, rather than just a passive enjoyment. This event, throughout the year, serves the purpose of helping children and young people to create art rather than just look at it; to make music rather than just enjoy listening to it.
Over fifty young people (21 years and under) are involved in the art and music projects which combine to produce this unique event.
Right now the young people continue to work hard as they complete musical and artistic preparations for  their performances on May 3rd and May 5th.  Mark your calendar and  treat yourself to a wonderful evening with our young people! For more information, contact Artistic Director Joy Olender at 530-305-4049.

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