Monday, February 25, 2013

Meadow Vista Road Work by PG&E

By Dr. Randall Hensley, DC, Hensley Chiropractoc

Pacific gas and electric crews are nearing completion of the first phase in their million dollar plus "community beautification" project in downtown Meadow Vista. Despite rumors that the asphalt plant wants wires removed so they can use taller trucks, or a middle turn lane expansion, or a roundabout, PG&E spokesperson, Brandi Ehlers and Shirley Harrington of the Placer County Community Development department both report that this project is simply part of PG&E's community beautification "Rule 20 A" program in which they spend "rate payer's fees" (i.e.: our electric bill), on removing overhead wires and install them underground. The removal of all power, phone, cable lines and poles is to decrease tree and snow damage (outages) and will make our downtown visually more attractive. Although the MAC was presented with a new future community plan, there are no current plans to enlarge the road, add sidewalks, roundabouts, or stop lights.
 The remaining steps in construction will be to place all the wires for power, phone, cable, etc underground in the new pipes, then reconnect services and remove all overhead wires and telephone poles. Alex Fisch of Placer Country public works Resource Agency said the roadway itself will be refinished when construction is done. The project extends from Meadow Vista Road to Combie Road intersections and is estimated to be completed by summer 2013. But that is dependent on the weather,
 Long story short, they are getting closer and our driving patience will be rewarded with a more beautiful downtown Meadow Vista and Pioneer Day parade route.

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