Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dress 10 Pounds Lighter this Holiday

By Traci Eichenhofer, Premier Designs Jewelry

Have you been trying to lose those last 10 pounds before the holidays? Well I have some solutions for you. These tips are simple adjustments that any of us can make to our existing wardrobes with an exciting outcome. Have fun playing in your wardrobe to create the illusion of being 10 pounds lighter. 
* Start with a monochromatic base. This easily creates a vertical silhouette, which is typically more slimming than an outfit with several colors.
* Make sure all your clothes fit properly. Clothes that are big or small can add weight to your frame.
* Dark colors such as black, chocolate brown, navy and dark gray are minimizers. Wear these shades to camouflage the areas of your body where you are least confident.
* Light and bright colors are maximizers. Wearing dark base pieces (i.e. pants, skirts, jackets) and wear light colors near the face draws the eye up and away from the rest of the body. This is a great way to add the seasons color into your wardrobe!
* Avoid bulky layers as they have the potential to make you look heavier.
* Wear larger earrings. Small earrings make large people look larger, and also make small people look smaller. Earrings are another way to draw the eye up and away from the rest of the body.
* Add a necklace to draw the eye where you would like it. Wearing a long necklace can slenderize your look. Layering with a shorter necklace and a pendant can give the illusion of height while draw the eye to the neckline at the pendant.
* Add a jacket to your outfit to create a professional look. Keep your jacket open to create more vertical lines. This also helps balance out your hips and slenderizes your silhouette.
* Pay particular attention to your sleeve length. When sleeves haven't been properly shortened, they can cause a distraction at your hip line.
* Wearing hose that match your hemline or shoes, or both, adds length and height to your appearance, creating a vertical line, which creates a slimming effect.
* Did you know: wearing the proper size in undergarments is just as important as the proper size in clothing? Get yourself professionally fitted and you will see a difference.
* Keeping in good posture gives height to your silhouette which slenderizes. Keep those shoulders back and straighten your back. 

 Enjoy your holiday activities with confidence looking 10 pounds lighter!

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