Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Craft: Snowman Ornament

From Traci Eichenhofer’s Craft Kit

Supplies needed (substitutes may be used): White glue (like Elmer's glue)
 Paper clip
 Waxed paper
 Scraps of construction paper: black, and orange
 A hole punch (for cutting eyes, and buttons)
 Scissors
 Wiggle eyes
 Tiny buttons
 2 very tiny twigs (for arms)
 String or yarn (for hanging it)
 Working on waxed paper, spread 2 or 3 blobs of white glue in the shape of a snowman. Unfold a paper clip into a V-shape (to use as a hanger). Cut a tiny hat from black construction paper and put it on the snowman on top of the paper clip hanger. Put the ends of the paper clip into the glue at the top of the snowman. For the snowman's eyes, use black paper circles cut with a hole punch, or use wiggle eyes. Put the eyes on the snowman. Add a tiny orange (carrot-shaped) nose. Add a few paper buttons (or small real buttons) down the front of the body.
Let the glue dry - it will take a few days. When it is completely dry, peel it gently off the waxed paper. String the snowman on some yarn for a festive necklace or use a shorter string to use as an ornament.

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