Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Computer Tip: Get the 'Red-Eye' Out

By Greg Luther, Computer Shoppe

If you take pictures with your digital camera you will inevitably take a photo where your subjects have red eyes.  This is surprisingly easy to correct.  First you will need a photo editor.  In this tutorial I will be using GIMP which is a free photo editor similar to Photoshop.  So, if you don't have GIMP installed on your computer, you can download it at, and it works on Mac and Windows. 
 Next, open your photo with GIMP, and using the rectangle select tool from the Toolbox, outline each eye.  Then from the menu select Filters • Enhance • Red Eye Removal.  From this point just slide the threshold slider to get the desired effect. 
 That's all there is to it.  And don't forget to save your changes.  For a video on how to do this you can visit my blog from the blog link on my website.

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