Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Meadow Vista Community Service Award Recipient

Submitted by Meadow Vista MAC

Each year, the Meadow Vista MAC recognizes one of the community's special individuals with a Community Service Award.

Fred Eichenhofer has been selected as the 2011 Meadow Vista Community Services Award Recipient. 
 Fred's service to the community has been diversified.   Since 2005 Fred has sponsored Oktoberfest, a large community event. He pays for everything that isn't donated and puts in his own time and labor to make sure the event is successful.  Fred chose the Meadow Vista Community Center to be the recipient of this successful fundraiser.

Fred joined the Community Center board several years ago and has recently filled the position of co-chairman of the board.   He devotes many hours to this organization.
 Fred is also a member of the Meadow Vista Merchants Association and the Meadow Vista Lions.  He attends meetings of both groups and helps out with their projects.
 During the summer months, “Movie Night Under the Stars” produces funds that go directly to the MV Pool project.  Fred purchased a projector, speakers and concession stand materials to facilitate the events.   Funds from a Gingerbread Decorating Event and previous movie nights at The Beda Place went to the MV Pool Project also. 
 Fred built the stage in the lot next to our post office and lets other community groups use it free of charge.  He installed water and electrical to the empty field to help facilitate functions, all at his own cost.  Fred also donates all of his notary fees, free of charge asking the client if they would like to make a tax deductible donation to the community center in the amount of their choice.
 It is certain the community will continue to benefit from his efforts and generous financial donations for many years to come.

At the Meadow Vista MAC Meeting, June 1, at 6 PM, Placer Hills School, the award will be presented by Placer County Supervisor, Jennifer Montgomery.  A tree will be planted in Fred's honor in Meadow Vista Park.  Fred and recipients of the award in previous years will be invited to ride in the Pioneer Parade.

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