Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Get Leads From Your Website

By Ashlei Jackson, Qlixite

Want your website to bring in leads? Be sure you have a lead capture system on your website that follows these 5 rules...
#1 - Make Your Offer AWESOME! You want visitors to actually WANT to get connected with you so we suggest you entice them with a really great offer. This could be a one-time coupon, a free giveaway, a guide, an e-book, access to a insider video...anything you think your potential client might want. Be generous and be creative!  
#2 - Place it Above the Fold. Make sure your lead capture is near the upper portion of your site for quick and easy access. You don't want visitors to have to scroll to the bottom of the page or click through to another page to see where to subscribe.
#3 - Only Ask for the Essentials. You want visitors to easily subscribe or claim your offer so only require basic info (like email and name). This is not the time to get their phone # and address (unless it's directly related to the offer).
#4 - Set Up an Auto-Responder.
As soon as someone clicks the button to subscribe - they should immediately receive an email response. This email should include the item they asked for (Free Guide, 10 Tips, etc) as well as more information about your company. Most email and form sites allow for free auto-responder options.
#5 - Let Them Opt-In to More. Spam laws require that you get permission to send any kind of marketing emails. Using a check box on your lead capture allows you to get formal permission to email future correspondence. This can help you assess how much interest the lead has as well.

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