Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meadow Vista History - 1965 Looking at the Future

Letter from the Editor in the December 1965 edition of “Foothill Folks.” Illustration of ‘Uncle Josh’s” cabin by unknown artist.

FOOTHILL FOLKS PAPER and Uncle Josh (his cabib illustrated) send out along the ethereal waves, scented with fragrance of pine GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS for the coming ... New Year!
Taking inventory of the past year is like diggin' stones by the wayside-- just no profit in it. But to take a forward glance into the future tingles the toes, 'cause at least we know we can still draw checks on the bank of time.
 However, the worst trouble with the future is that it seems to get here quicker than it used to... It has always been and always will be our policy to hike on the cheerful side of the mountain. There are plenty of places to read about the shadows, without having to read about them in FOOTHILL FOLKS.

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