Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking Back at the Good 'Ole Days

For this issue we decided to pay tribute to our roots - mainly some very old issues of the “Foothill Folks”, a precursor to the very magazine you hold in your hands. You’ll see a variety of snippets from several 1960’s editions that we thought you might find humorous, delightful and perhaps...still applicable. Some things have changed and others have blissfully remained “Meadow Vista.”
Enjoy!   ~The View Staff

Letter From the Editor from the first edition of the “Foothill Folks” published on November 20, 1964

Dear Folks,
We of the FOOTHILL AREA are mighty proud of our home base...and rightly so. We can sing praises for the sun in the winter, while down below in yonder valley, city slickers shivver under the wet blanket of fog, and squint though bloodshot eyes in the smog. "You poor city folks, better get out and come up to God's Country." We that chop our own wood and carry our own water, get mighty scared when we read headlines like this: SCIENTISTS HAVE DEVELOPED A COMPLICATED THOUGHT MACHINE SO SENSITIVE IT ALREADY HAS A STOMACH ULCER...Now, we don't say that no one of us has stomach ulcers, but at least our ulcers are healthy.
 With so much crime and corruption about, we feel it a downright duty to come out with a newspaper that has something cheerful to comment on for a change. Good cheer and some wisdom is never out of place, but is mighty hard to find nowadays. Our big aim is to communicate the good things in life and let the bad ones go their own separate ways.
 We don't mean to condemn the whole human race. Let's not be too quick to blame them for everything. But they sure made a mess of the rest. We will go on, nevertheless looking for the best in man and beast, finding merit in all men. Of course, we're prejudice, and believe that anyone in this immediate vicinity is naturally superior and far ahead of the times in physical stamina, mental prowess, and spiritual insight. That is why we are proud to advertise these folk's products...they are just naturally superior.
 You will find, perhaps, we hope, interesting things in the paper. Most everything is original more or less, but we do not hesitate to pick up bits of thoughts, etc. from whatever source presents itself most attractively at the time. It is not called is merely passing on a good thing...Our regular contributors deserve credit for volunteering to write for a publication they know little about...and so do our advertisers. We wish to express our appreciation for their support and interest in our first issue.
 We'll always guarantee that you can read this paper from stem to stern and still find time to do a "days work."

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