Monday, April 2, 2018

Local Historians Seeking Meadow Vista Photos

Local historian and former Meadow Vista Volunteer of the Year, George Lay is teaming up with former Colfax High School Publications instructor Rick Brown in preparing a history photo book of Meadow Vista, Clipper Gap and Christian Valley.  Both men are hoping local residents will donation historic photographs and documents to make their goal a reality. 

The pair have been able to form a working relationship with Placer County Archivist Bryanna Ryan who is helping organize files and research the county’s data base. Additionally, she is providing a release form that makes it easy for everyone to submit photos and documents, scan them digitally and return the originals to the owners. 

If residents would like to help out, contact George Lay at 530-878-1927 or

Lay and Brown are looking for well-preserved photos that can be scanned and returned to the owners. Even better, one might submit a photo that has been digitized. Some major topics might include schools, Native Americans, commerce, transportation, celebrations, churches and early families.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Meadow Vista True Value Spring Sale

The Child Custody Mediation Process

By Sue McCurnin, Attorney, A. L. Harvey Law, PLC

If you are going through a divorce, and you and your partner have children under the age of eighteen, then child custody is most likely one of the issues you are most concerned with. In California, custody mediation is required by most courts before a court order is made. Mediation has many advantages: it is less threatening, parties are usually willing to compromise more frequently, the mediator is an unbiased third-party, it is less expensive and finally it offers a quicker solution than going to court.  Prior to mediation you should take the following actions in order to be fully prepared:

  • Write out your current daily schedules for you and your child(ren).
  • Write out a custody and visitation proposal that you would like to present at the mediation session.
  • Put together a folder or binder of your child’s records.
  • Consider getting professional legal advice from an attorney who can advise you on relative legal matters.

The child custody mediation process can be broken down into five steps. This five step process will take significantly less time depending on the intricacy of custody issues and the parents ability to reach an agreement.

Step 1: Meet With The Mediator:  At this initial meeting, the mediator will cover the rules of the
process and the confidentiality factors.

Step 2: Identify and Organize Issues: After making a list of all issues that need to be covered through mediation, it is necessary to prioritize those issues with the mediator.
Below, are some issues and topics to discuss during mediation:

  • Custody and visitation scheduleand exceptions such as holidays and vacations 
  • Parental communication
  • How will you communicate with your ex-partner regarding your child? Ie: face-to-face during drop-offs, text, email, call and/ or video chat.
  • Religion
  • Medical and/or healthcare
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Education
  • Future changes agreement

Step 3: Discuss Solutions to Issues: Each party should provide solutions to the issues at stake. It is
essential to honestly discuss what you believe is fair and you must be willing to work in your child’s best interest.

Step 4: Draft A Custody Agreement: After the issues are presented and solutions are provided, the mediator will prepare the custody agreement. It is advised you have your attorney review this agreement since it is a legally binding contract.

Step 5: Sign The Custody Agreement: Coming to a custody agreement through the mediation process will
avoid the stressful and heart-wrenching child custody battle in court.
Through all of this, it is most important to put your child(ren) first and give them the best childhood as possible.  This should not be construed as legal advice.

Recipe: Honey Glazed Easter Ham

Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Update

Submitted by Etta Gross

The Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club says THANK YOU Meadow Vista Community for another successful Christmas Basket Project in 2017.  It would have not been possible without your financial and physical support.  Special Thank You to all those that purchased the $5 Brown Bags at Holiday Market in the month of November.  Those we EXTREMELY helpful to the Christmas Basket Food Program.  And for those that donated toys through Wells Fargo Bank in Meadow Vista, we are greatly appreciative of you all too!  Those toys provide a smile to the children’s face on Christmas.  Not to forget all those that came to Sierra Hills School on Friday night to assist with the packing of the food boxes. We say THANK YOU everyone did a great job.  The Colfax Ladies Soccer Team and the Colfax Baseball Team did an excellent job at assisting us with the physical part of this project! 
We had a special donation this year from Ms. Jones who teaches at Sierra Hills.  Ms. Jones wanted to recognize her wonderful group of volunteers who are Beverly Bell, Brooke Stuart, Anthony Grady, Jessica Keller, Kristin Kolster, Jeanette Mentas, Lorey Moore, and Molly Richardson.  We are thankful that Ms. Jones made a special generous donation to the Christmas Basket in her volunteer’s names to honor their outstanding volunteerism.
Please look for us in front of Holiday Market the second and third weekend in March this year selling See’s Easter Egg Candies.  All proceeds will be used for the many projects we do throughout the year!
Any questions please visit our website at

Meadow Vista Lions Club News

Submitted by Lions Club Secretary, Etta Gross

For all those attendees at our Meadow Vista Lions Annual Crab Feed held on February 3, 2018, we want to say THANK YOU for your support.  This event is our annual community account fundraiser.  This fund is used for School Hot Dogs, the Tablet Reading Program, School Sport Support, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt and many more projects.  We say THANK YOU so these events and projects may continue in our community.
Thank you to all those See’s Candies purchasers at Christmas.  Those proceeds went directly to Sierra Reach Ministries Food Closet and Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors Club Christmas Basket program.


Saturday, March 31, 2018, EASTER EGG HUNT  (Ages tots to 10)
10: AM SHARP!   It is over at 10:05 so PLEASE BE EARLY!
Placer Hills Campus Soccer Field in Meadow Vista
Remember to bring a basket to collect eggs in!

Mother’s Day Breakfast
Sierra Hills School on Mother’s Day (May 13, 2018)
Starts at 8 a.m. – ALL MOMS are free.  Everyone else is charged a very small amount.

Come see what being a Lion is about by visiting a meeting on the second or fourth Wednesday, starting time is 7 pm at Meadow Vista Community Center.

Any questions please visit our website at or our email address is

Meadow Vista Community Center Update