Monday, February 4, 2019

Free Instrumental Band Program in Meadow Vista

By Janine Dexter, Faith Lutheran Church

Would you like to help the children in your life thrive? Children that thrive are supported in every area of their lives. What if there was a way to incorporate all four of these areas into one activity? Music is often dismissed as unnecessary or an “extra” activity that is fun but not really missed if it doesn’t make the cut of after-school activities. The reality is that music participation is one of the ways that a child is positively impacted in every one of these four crucial areas: physical,  emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.
• Intellectual:  Music impacts language development, increases spatial-temporal skills, and is known to raise IQ points. It is the only activity that lights up every area of the brain simultaneously.
• Emotional:  Music provides an outlet for a wide-range of emotions. Children can learn to be aware of and express how they feel through the language of sound. 
• Spiritual:  Music impacts every journey in life including one’s chosen spiritual path.
• Physical:  Music helps children develop both small and large motor skills through movement, singing, and instrumental practice.

In Meadow Vista there is a unique opportunity  for children to begin a journey in music that will enhance their brain development and help them thrive throughout their lives. Faith Lutheran Church hosts a free music program for children ages TK-8th grade. Preschool through third grade youth are invited to join an Exploring Music class—levels I, II and III—that incorporates rhythm instruments, music reading, Orff, singing and ukulele. Grades 4-8 have an opportunity to be in a band program that meets each week after school; families are asked to provide an instrument and purchase a lesson book. Classes are taught in a friendly and safe atmosphere by professional musicians and are funded by the Lutheran Development Society of Sacramento, the Meadow Vista Friendly Neighbors and by community donations. New classes begin in January and children can join classes at anytime through the end of February. Contact Ms Janine Dexter for more information: 530-389-8889,

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