Friday, June 1, 2018

Remembering Leslye Ann Vodden

By Stewart Feldman

Leslye recently left us after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She would not let her illness define her and was determined to be mindful of every moment and remain happy. She was a warrior all the way, traveling regularly to Stanford for clinical trials, helping establish a nonprofit community Cancer Support Group, and enjoying the outdoors almost to her final day.

Leslye loved the little things, like hearing a song bird or seeing Sandhill Cranes flying in a perfect “V” formation. Above all, she adored experiencing nature and being outside. She was a passionate adventurer, hiking trails throughout the region, riding her Tennessee Walker Johnny Cash, kayaking lakes and rivers, and tracking the Turkey Vulture migration in Auburn. Her keen powers of observation translated into beautiful acrylic paintings of landscapes and portraits of dogs, which were exquisite depictions of the personality and character of these animals.

Her long teaching career gave her great satisfaction by making a difference for so many kids, those with special needs and learning disabilities as well as her sweet kindergartners. She was especially close to the English learners and loved their families and the culture they shared.

Leslye is survived by her husband Stewart Feldman, partner for over 45 years, their children Amber Vodden and Evan Feldman, and her brother Ryan Vodden. To reflect on Leslye's rich life, full of unique experiences, deep friendships and so much love, we plan a “Celebration of her Impact on Our Community” for July 28 in Auburn. For details, visit

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