Friday, December 1, 2017

How to Have a Successful Home Buying Experience

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

You've made the excited decision to buy a home – now you want to make sure the process is successful and rewarding.  If you're like every other first-time buyer, the moment you decide to seriously look for a home, you'll be energized, if not consumed, by the process.  You'll want to do everything in your power to find the right home fast! 
Realtors across the country say that the most important thing you as a buyer can do is BE HONEST about what you really want in a home and what you actually need. Most buyers think they're being honest, but they may not turn their vision into usable information for their agent.  You can say you NEED a 4 bedroom house, but if you don't tell your agent that you need the 4th bedroom for an office, you're not being as helpful as you could be.  Why?  A house may have other spaces for an office – such as a 3rd floor attic that offers privacy – but they may not meet the official definition of a bedroom, so you miss out on a perfect home. 

Follow these other tips for a helpful and flawless buying experience:
· First and foremost, chose a local licensed real estate agent that has been referred to you by family, friends and co-workers.  You might want to consider interviewing several agents to make sure the agent's personality and work ethic meet your needs. 
· Have your Realtor refer at least 3 different lenders, if you are not currently working with one.  Interview these lenders just like you interviewed your real estate agents.  Do not start viewing homes with your Realtor until you have received a pre-qualification letter from your chosen lender.

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