Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Software Tools by Greg Luther, Computer Shoppe

Are you on a budget?  These days it seems most of us are, so I have compiled a list of very useful software tools that are of good quality, yet free of charge.   If you are like me, you may ask why are these tools free?  There are many reasons; some are free because they are new and are trying to get known.  Others try to get you to use their product, so in the future you may buy some of their other products, or buy the enhanced features of the current product.  While others are “open source” which means the source code is available to anyone to develop, and some do just that for fun and recognition to further their careers as programmers.  The reasons are many, so why not take advantage? Let’s get started...  
 For many more free software tools you can visit or  And this is just a small list of many software programs that are available for free on the internet, so have fun trying some of these great software applications.

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