Friday, December 1, 2017

Improving Meadow Vista Town Safety

By Heather Wingo,

As residents of Meadow Vista, we do value our small town lifestyle with beautiful surroundings and safe neighborhoods. However, we have now formed a local committee to address a rising concern over increased traffic-related problems and accidents. We have watched with concern the many complaints about reckless driving, accidents and near-misses, frequent loss of wildlife due to speeders, and pedestrian hazards. We have decided to do something about it but we need your help.

In addition to working with our local Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) and the local Sheriff and CHP, we will also work with area businesses to share safe practices with their employees.
But, please, slow down Meadow Vista for your safety and ours! Posted speed limit is 25 mph. A recent survey shows over 46% of drivers exceed this speed.

How can you help? Join our monthly meetings to learn about our effort and participate. You can join our mailing list for updates- email us at We send out a monthly newsletter where you can learn about the events and projects we are doing.

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