Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Local Group Formed to Promote Clean, Sustainable Living in Placer County

By Lizzie Moore, 350Placer

A handful of Meadow Vista residents recently formed the group "350Placer" to promote clean, sustainable living in Placer County. Inspired by the international group 350.org, the number 350 is the parts per million of carbon considered to be safe and sustainable for life on our planet.
The group is focused on addressing climate change in a way that supports local business and the economy. Areas of focus include food, education and pedestrian-friendly transportation. Specific plans include “eat local” promotions, community education events, and acknowledging local businesses and 350Placer members who are successfully reducing the amount of pollution they are putting into the air.
Many group members say that they are driven by their desire to provide their children and grandchildren with a stable place to live. They believe addressing climate change is an important part of doing this. But members have arrived via various circumstances and stories. Lizzie Moore, the group member newest to the area said “My husband and I moved to Meadow Vista to have the family and lifestyle we want, and to live our beliefs. Now is our time to become self-sufficient and sustainable. This group is how I can learn and contribute.”
Almost all current research says that immediate action is needed to decrease carbon levels. The group feels that circumstances are lined up perfectly to do so. “We're really motivated,” said member Danielle Mills. “States and local communities are empowered to act on what is important to us. We think we can make this a local movement that builds community, protects the planet and our future.”
350 Placer welcomes inquiries and new members to its group. More information can be found at its Facebook group 350Placer, or at www.350placer.org.

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