Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 MV Community Service Award

The Meadow Vista area has been fortunate to have people like the Arp family who have a strong sense of giving back to their community.
Jane Arp volunteered as a teacher's aide at Placer Hills School for many years.  Jane committed herself to helping children in the classroom even though for most of the time of volunteer service she did not have a child of her own in the school.  She volunteered one day a week in as many as three different classrooms (Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Ensley and Mrs. Linkugle).  In the words of Mrs. Anderson, “Her greatest desire is to service any child on a one-to-one basis for any reason—academically or personally.  Her attendance is faithful, she is always cheerful, professional towards everyone, positive and so very full of encouragement.  She readily accepts all children at their levels of learning and guides them to any and all achievements.  Her main strength is the ability to turn a child's attitude about learning or themselves from a negative to a positive, thus boosting their self-esteem and the child's willingness to continue as best they can showing pride.”
Fred Arp was on the coaching staff of the U.C. Davis football team for 40 years, during which the team had 37 consecutive winning seasons, 20 straight conference titles and 18 postseason appearances.  Mr. Arp was inducted into the U.C. Davis Hall of Fame in 2010 and was previously inducted into the Colfax High School Hall of Fame, as a charter inductee, in 1997.
Fred Arp and Jane Arp established the Arp Family Foundation about 20 years ago and have funded the Foundation.  The Foundation annually has provided funds for the Colfax High School athletic program and other youth-oriented organizations.  The Meadow Vista Community Center project has received several annual grants from the Arp Family Foundation totaling $82,250.
Mrs. Ann Arp Crispin made several grants to the Meadow Vista Community Center of stock and cash totaling $134,826.  With so many good causes to choose from, the Meadow Vista area is fortunate that Mrs. Crispin has chosen the Meadow Vista Community Center as recipient of her generosity.
There will be a celebration at the next MAC meeting 6/7/17 (1st Wednesday in June) to be held at Winchester Country Club, 3030 Legends Drive, Meadow Vista, CA  95722  (For directions call:  530-878-3000.)  The MAC meeting will start at 6pm, and as a part of our normal meeting, the award will be presented by Jennifer Montgomery.  The meeting will be followed by a reception to honor the Arp family.

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