Friday, December 12, 2014

Make Your Home a HOT Commodity this Winter

By Christine Schlittenhart, Sierra Pacific Real Estate

Although the holiday season can be a hectic time to show and sell your house, there are distinct advantages to staging and showing your home at this time of year  you have a chance to show your home at its very best, adorned with warmth and cheer that's sure to charm. Nothing is more inviting than a home brimming with greenery, twinkling lights and holiday decorations.
First impressions are important. Do you have late fall leaves littering the ground? Rake them up. Also, make sure the walks and stairs are free of ice.
A few exterior holiday lights or decorations show pride in ownership and seasonal cheer, but they don't add anything during the day when potential homebuyers will be looking at your home, so don't overdo them. Another thing to consider: Would-be buyers may view it favorably if nearby homes are brimming with lights  it shows unity and neighborliness  so you'll want to find a tasteful balance.
As you set out to win over holiday homebuyers, here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

Trim outdoor trees so unexpected winds don't knock down branches that could damage your home or hurt someone.
Place a holiday welcome mat outside the front door.
Keep the door area clear of bicycles, toys or parcels left by the mail carrier.
Hang a festive wreath on your door.
Play holiday music in the background.
Keep the house cozy. Entering a cold house could chill potential buyers' enthusiasm.
Light a fire in the fireplace just before the agent shows your house. (But never leave a fire unattended.)
Choose a tree and decorate it to complement the room where it's displayed. You don't want the tree to appear to take over the entire living or family room. Remove furniture, if necessary.
Keep decorations on the conservative side. You want your house to be noticed, not your decorations.
Be certain your windows are sparkling clean.
Let there be light. Open blinds and curtains and turn on interior lights to reduce the pervasive dreariness of winter months.
Bake holiday cookies and treats to fill the home with enticing aromas before the prospective buyers arrive.

Ultimately, you want to convey the love, comfort and joy your family has shared in the house so that buyers will be eager to move in and create their own holiday memories.  As always, contact a local Meadow Vista Merchant Realtor today to get you started on preparing your home for sale during our Winter market.

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