Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Zoo Goofs" - Local Author Offers an Inside Look at the Humor of Zoo Life

By Toni Ryan, View Magazine Chairperson with excerpts taken from Zoo Goofs official Website:

Looking for a spring read? You may be pleased to find out you can now “Read Local” when you pick up Zoo Goofs by local Meadow Vista resident, Kristin Hilton.
“What’s it like to be a zookeeper? And what if something goes wrong? Zoo Goofs reveals how a routine day at work at the zoo might quickly become a fiasco. Animals do unexpected things, the public does foolish things, and sometimes keepers get lazy or make mistakes--some of which could lead to life-threatening situations.”
According to Hilton’s website, she worked for 18 years at three different zoos as a zookeeper and curator of birds. This vast amount of experience allowed Hilton to compile dozens of true behind-the-scenes experiences that can easily bring you to tears of laughter or heartache. Her quick, informative tales offer firsthand insight into the realities of working in the realm of animals and zoo life.
Zoo Goofs is packed with exceptional photographs and artwork and many of the stories would make excellent family reads. For more information, visit Hilton’s website.

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